Aspects of Economics

PROSPERITY VERSUS DHARMA NOT only an absence of material prosperity but also an excess of material prosperity leads to an end of Dharma. This is the special point of view […]

Our Nationhood

NATION HAS PERSONALITY THE name Bharat denotes a nation, while the names of such provinces as Uttar Pradesh and Bengal do not denote it. Hence we must be quite clear […]


LIFE AN INTEGRATED WHOLE THE first characteristic of Bharatiya culture is that it looks upon life as an integrated whole. It has an integrated view-point. To thank of parts may […]


DHARMA IS NOT RELIGION HE distortions of Dharma that we now-a-days see all around us are largely the result of foreign education. The English word ‘religion’ has substantially contributed in […]

Atalji : A Unique Parliamentarian

L.K. Advani If I have to single out one person who has been an integral part of my political life almost from its inception till now, one who has remained […]

Our Deendayalji


My Simple Hero

LAL KRISHNA ADVANI ACCORDING to a saying in English -No man is a hero to his valet”. This means no man is great to those who are closest to him, […]

Ideal Swayamsevak

MADHAVRAO MULEY He Lived His Philosophy eendayalji not only advocated Integral Humanism, he also lived up to it. No philosophy can spread in our society unless life is led according […]

Ideal Swayamsevak

MADHAVRAO MULEY THE greatness or otherwise of a man depends upon the way in which he leads his life. In the case of Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya, the source of inspiration […]