Accusing the Congress and its alliance partners of only indulging in vote bank and appeasement politics, BJP National President Shri JP Nadda said for BJP national interest was of utmost importance.

BJP National President Shri JP Nadda was speaking at an Intellectuals meet in Bengaluru, Karnataka on 13 March, 2020. Karnataka Chief Minister Shri BS Yediyurappa, BJP State President Shri Nalin Kumar Kateel among others also attended the meet.

Noting that for some people in India, secularism means appeasement of minority for votes, he said Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the BJP believes in appeasement of none, but mainstreaming of everyone. For the Congress and all other political parties with them, he said it is vote bank first, country last.

“It is the BJP that believes country first and party last. National interest cannot be compromised for political interests,” Shri Nadda said. “But, the Congress and allies believe in vote bank politics. The Congress is playing vote bank politics nothing else,” he added.

Pointing out that it was Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s political will that decided several long standing issues of the country like the Triple Talaq, among others. He said “We have that moral courage and political will.”

The BJP National President lauded the restraint shown by the country when the Ayodhya verdict came out, by respecting the sentiment of the other community. “See the maturity of our political party that believed and went through the legal system, while a lawyer from the Congress party with political colour appealed to Supreme Court not to pass judgment before 2019 Lok Sabha polls, as BJP will benefit from it.

Settling issues is not important for the Congress. For them political gain or loss is important,” he said. Strongly defending abrogation of Article 370, Shri Nadda said, “It fulfilled the dream of one nation, one pradhan (Prime Minister), one nishan (symbol).It was done in letter and spirit.”

He said after abrogation of Article 370 people of Jammu and Kashmir were in the mainstream of society, he said they were very much in the mainstream and much happier.

Stating that he knows Jammu and Kashmir well as he was party in-charge there in the past, Shri Nadda said the situation on the ground was different from what the media presents. “I’m saying this with full authority in command. It is few family driven political parties who are not happy,” he said.

Listing developmental facilities and programmes that were available to the people of the rest of India but not to people of Jammu and Kashmir due to article 370, he said its abrogation has brought in a change by providing this.

Highlighting religious persecution of minorities in neighbouring countries, the BJP President strongly defended the Centre’s decision to bring in the Citizenship Amendment Act.

CAA is bringing refugees, who had come to India because of religious persecution, to the mainstream, he said, as he accused Congress of practicing politics of hypocrisy. The congress is not thinking about the nation but vote bank politics, he claimed, adding, “that is why they are opposing CAA, not allowing Parliament to function.”

The BJP National President said apart from Congress and other anti national parties People from all spheres of the society are praising the steps of inclusive development taken by Modi Government which reflects ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas’, the motto of the central government from its inception.