‘Lockdown reduced intensity of Covid-19 spread by more than 60%’

The lockdown has been largely successful in containing the intensity of the corona spread in India, shows a study by the University of Michigan in the United States.

  • The intensity of the spread has been reduced to almost a third of what it was prior to the lockdown.
  • India went into a more relaxed Lockdown 4.0 after 54 days of strict confinement. India went under lockdown on March 25 when it had 500 cases, and started easing restrictions from May 18.
  • The study found that on March 24, a day before India went under lockdown, R0 (reproductive rate) was 3.36, which means one infected person was infecting more than three non-infected persons.
  • By the end of Lockdown 1.0, i.e. April 14, it came down to 1.71. On May 3, when Lockdown 2.0 ended, it reduced to 1.46, and on May 16, it further dipped to 1.27. This means the lockdown brought down the reproductive rate of the virus by almost three times.