India’s Rural Sector

A comparative study of the performance of the UPA and NDA Governments Arun Jaitley Last week multiple farmer organizations, predominantly owing affiliation to several opposition parties and ultra-left fronts organised […]


Arun Jaitley Today (8 November, 2018), we complete two years after demonetisation. Demonetisation is a key step in a chain of important decisions taken by the Government to formalise the […]

India and the Ease of Doing Business

Arun Jaitley The World Bank each year, in the month of October, announces its rankings on the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ for the next year. The performance of each nation […]

Frivolity and the No Confidence Motion

Arun Jaitley A Vote of No Confidence against the Government is a serious business. It is not an occasion for frivolity. The lead participants in the debate are normally senior political […]


ARUN JAITLEY It has been one year since the country’s switchover to a new indirect taxation system – the Good and Services Tax. One single tax replaced seventeen taxes and […]

Why Electoral Bonds are Necessary

Arun Jaitley India is the largest democracy in the world. However, despite strengthening various institutions for the last seven decades, India has not been able to evolve a transparent political […]