Three Lane 1.5 km Long Koilwar Bridge Over Sone River Inaugurated in Bihar

Transport and Highways Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari on December 10 inaugurated the three lane 1.5 km long Koilwar bridge over Sone river in Bihar through Video Conferencing. A sum of 266 crore rupees has been spent on the bridge. The existing two lane bridge for both rail and road traffic is 138 years old.

A six-lane bridge is being made in its place, of which, a three-lane carriageway has been opened for public. The bridge is major road for transport between Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Gadkari said, the Ministry has approved a four-lane elevated road from Bharauli (Buxar) to Haidaria for providing connectivity to the Poorvanchal Expressway.

• During the inauguration, Shri Gadkari informed that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has approved a 4-lane elevated road from Bharauli to Haidaria to provide connectivity to the Poorvanchal expressway. Its DRP will be ready by June 2021.
• The widening of 70 km Mokama-Munger road, for which DPR will be completed by April 2021 has also been approved.
• The approval has been given to the proposal of 4 laning of Khagaria-Purnea road and its DPR will also be ready by April 2021.
• The 4 laning work of Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi-Sonewarsha road, which is also a part of Ramjanki Marg, will further simplify the travel to Jakanpur Dham in Nepal and its DPR will be ready by May 2021.
• The 7-km four-lane Koshi Bridge which is worth Rs. 1,478 crores is likely to be completed by 2023.
• The tender for Vikramshila Bridge which is 4 km long and worth Rs. 1,110 crores have also been issued and its construction is most likely to be completed in 2024.
• The work on the Buxar bridge will also be completed by 2021. It will provide an alternative route of 250 km which will take only 6 to 8 hours for travel.
• A five km long bridge of four-lane over Ganga river has also been announced near the existing bridge in Patna and its agreement was signed in October 2020. It will be a unique bridge with a 242-meter span which will facilitate the movement of large ships under it.