‘1500 BJP Workers Seriously Injured In Planned Attack by West Bengal Police’

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BJP strongly condemns unwarranted & brutal action against the peaceful & democratic protest by BJP workers in Kolkata

Addressing the Press Conference on the unwarranted police action against the BJP workers at the party’s democratic and peaceful protests at Kolkata on October 8 to highlight brutal killings of BJP workers in West Bengal Senior Party Leader and Union Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “BJP strongly criticises the unwarranted and brutal action by the West Bengal Police against the peaceful and democratic protest by the BJP workers in Kolkata. I humbly want to tell Trinamool Congress and its leadership that they are highly mistaken in thinking that by illegal use of police force and by misusing state government machinery they will be able to stop spread of BJP in West Bengal. Trinamool Congress will never be able to stop continuous growth of BJP in West Bengal.”

He added, “Today there is no rule of law in West Bengal. It is anarchy and dictatorship which today prevails under the Trinamool Congress government in the state. A glimpse of it was once again seen in Kolkata when BJP workers who were peacefully protesting had to face brutal police action. There is no democracy in West Bengal. Anyone who raises his voice against the highhandedness and corrupt practices of the state government is either implicated in false cases, or harassed by the state government, or is brutally murdered for questioning the state government.”
“The unsocial and lumpen elements who had patronage of Trinamool Congress government and West Bengal police today targeted BJP workers who were peacefully holding protests. More than 1500 BJP workers were seriously injured in the planned attack by the West Bengal police. Over 70 BJP workers had to be admitted in Sanjeevani Hopital for treatment,” he added.

He said “Senior BJP leaders who were grievously injured in the police action include BJP State Vice President Shri Raju Banerjee, National Secertary Shri Arvind Menon, Wife of BJP MP Shri Saumitra Khan Smt Sujata Khan, and North Kolkata BJP unit President Shri Shivaji Singh Rai. BJYM President and MP Shri Tejaswi Surya was also manhandled by the police. This is highly condemnable and undemocratic act of the West Bengal state government and state police.”

He said, There are severe head and other injuries suffered by many peacefully protesting BJP workers. There are also reports of BJP women workers being illtreated by police and lumpen elements supported by Trinamool Congress who had infiltrated BJP protests. There are also reports of stone pelting and violence by unsocial and lumpen elements supported by Trinamool Congress against BJP workers.

The use of chemicals by West Bengal police can permanently harm health of our workers. This is highly condemnable and atrocious act of the West Bengal police. BJP strongly criticises and condemns this inhuman act of the police.
“The ground reports from West Bengal clearly suggest that no force can stop BJP from forming the next government in the State. BJP will form a full majority government in the state as the people of West Bengal has made up their minds and are committed to vote BJP to power. BJP’s protest today was peaceful, legal and democratic in nature.

But the Trinamool Congress government in West Bengal does not believe in democracy and has no respect for Constitution and rights of the people. This was proven yet again by Trinamool Congress government today in West Bengal. In the past few years as many as 115 BJP workers have been brutally murdered in West Bengal. But the State police has not done any credible inquiry in any of these heinous crimes. All this has shattered the faith of the people of West Bengal in the Trinamool Congress government.” Shri Prasad said, “On October 4, BJP’s young leader and Corporator Shri Manish Shukla was mercilessly killed in front of a police station. A few days before his murder, he had made a video and circulated it saying that his life was in danger and that he could be killed, but the West Bengal police failed to give him any protection and it even did not bother to conduct any inquiry.