About 16,500 km National Gas Pipeline is Operational

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To increase the availability of natural gas across the country, the Government has envisaged to develop the National Gas Grid. At present about 16,500 km natural gas pipeline is operational. Apart from that, Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) has authorized pipeline which are at various stages of execution. PNGRB is taking steps for development of natural gas pipeline in order to cover additional area of the country through National Gas Grid.PNGRB has informed that approximately 1,820 km of natural gas pipelines have been commissioned during April, 2016 – March, 2019 and commissioned about 530 km pipeline up to September, 2019 in the current financial year.

With regard to coverage of population under City Gas Distribution Networks, PNGRB has so far authorized 229 Geographical Areas (GAs) covering 406 districts for development of CGD Network across the country till the 10th CGD Bidding Round, which covers around 70% of India’s population and 53% of its area. These projects are at various stages of execution.

PNGRB has authorized Bharat Gas Resource Limited (BGRL) for development of CGD Network in Jagatsinghpur and Kendrapara Districts GA under the 9th CGD Bidding Round. As per Minimum Work Program, the commitment of CGD entities are required to be achieved over a period of 8 years and under normal conditions, gas supply to this GAs is to commence from the second year onwards. PNGRB monitors the progress of the CGD projects and CGD Authorization Regulations also provide for imposition of penalty for non-achievement of the assigned targets.