If in 2014 a wave was in favour of Modiji, this time it is a Tsunami in his favour: Bhupender Yadav

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BJP National General Secretary and Bihar BJP In-Charge for Lok Sabha elections 2019 Shri Bhupender Yadav, who hails from Rajasthan is also a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). Amidst his hectic election schedule, he talked to the Associate Editor of Kamal Sandesh, Ram Prasad Tripathy over phone about the developments of this general election till date and prospects of the party in Bihar.

He said, “If in 2014 a wave was in favour of Modiji, this time it is a Tsunami in his favour”.

Shri Yadav also outlined, “This time the BJP alliance will break the previous record of 2014, get more seats in Bihar and establish a new landmark”. Excerpts :

With only two phases of voting left, the election process is in its culminating phase. As election in-charge of Bihar what uniqueness you are visualizing in this election till date ?

As per my views, this 2019 election is completely different from other elections earlier. For the first time after decades, the nation is seeing a pro-incumbency wave in favor of the ruling establishment i.e. Shri Narendra Modi led NDA establishment at the centre. If in 2014 a wave was in favour of Modiji, this time it is a Tsunami in favour of him. An undercurrent has been flowing everywhere in the country in favour of the BJP and Modiji and that anybody can sense.

For their love and affection towards the Prime Minister, people from all walks of life, be it academia or media, sports or art, youth, women and resident or NRI everybody suomoto coming out of their homes, convincing the people, writing on the social media walls and doing everything to bring back the Modi government once again to the helm of affairs of the country. Like the Karyakartas of BJP, the common people are also doing the whole lot with double energy to ensure the victory of the party in this election and this is unique. These are completely new things for us and it tells everything.

What are the reasons behind this massive public support?

Following the inception of the Modi government in 2014, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi instead of indulging in popular politics with freebies has addressed the longstanding fundamental issues of the people, like providing electricity to the last village, providing LPG connection to women from BPL class under Ujjwala Yojana, providing sanitation under Swachhata mission, bank account for direct cash transfer under Jan Dhan Yojana, providing best health care facilities to the poor under Ayushman Bharat, providing housing for all by 2022, network of roads in the nook and corner of the country, strengthening the defense infrastructure of the country, a robust economy etc. have enabled ‘Ease of Living’ for citizens and elevated India to assume its rightful place as a major power in the comity of nations.
Secondly, PM Shri Narendra Modi’s impeccable track record, corruption free governance, his commitment towards the nation, his dedication towards his work, his vision for a ‘New India’ and his good governance has won over the hearts of 1.3 billion people of this country.

Thirdly, PM Shri Narendra Modi has given a fitting reply to those who has tried to harm India in anyway. Chinese activity in Doklam and Balakot in Pakistan are burning examples of it. He has also convinced the world community on terrorism and forced the UN to declare Masood Azhar type dreaded terrorists as global terrorist and upgraded the defence sector to face any challenge posed by any neighboring country. Now the nation is feeling safe under the stewardship of PM Shri Modi and people know that only Shri Narendra Modi can keep the country secure. Therefore, they are reposing faith on him and want to see him as the PM consecutively for the second time. And the public know India will emerge as a superpower in the next five years if Shri Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister again. These are major reasons for the massive public support.

What are the foremost issues of 2019 general election and particularly in Bihar ?

Not only in Bihar but also everywhere in the country, National Security is a foremost issue of this election. Apart from it good governance, corruption free government, developments, keeping the country safe from the clutches of the anti-India mindset parties etc. are some of the other major issues of this election.

Do you think the Mahagatbandhan can play any role in this election ?

Now Mahagatbandhan has become a no entry zone for many parties. In UP and Bengal Congress is out of the gathbandhan, in Bihar, SP and BSP are out of the gathbandhan, in Delhi and other states AAP is out of the gathbandhan. In fact, the Congress-led opposition is not the Mahagathbandhan but it is ‘Mahamilavati Gathbandhan’.

Thus, from the very beginning the people of this country has dismissed the anti-India agenda of the Mahagatbandhan parties and giving massive support in all the states to BJP.

How BJP will perform in this election ?

See, this time we are fighting the elections in Bihar in alliance with JD(U) and LJP. I have extensively toured the state, interacting with the public and campaigning for the party. I can assure you, this time the BJP alliance will break the record of 2014, get more seats in Bihar and establish a new landmark. However, I can foresee, even all through the country BJP will perform exceptionally well and will surpass its pervious figures of 2014 general election.