“Amrit Kaal Budget accelerates the momentum for green growth”

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the post-budget webinar on ‘Green Growth’ on February 23, 2023. It is the first of a series of 12 post-budget webinars organized by the government to seek ideas and suggestions for the effective implementation of the initiatives announced in the Union Budget 2023.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister remarked that all the budgets tabled in the country after 2014 have been forwarding new-age reforms apart from finding solutions to the challenges faced in the present day.

Shri Modi outlined three pillars for green growth and energy transmission. First, increasing the production of renewable energy; Second, reducing the use of fossil fuel in the economy; and Finally, rapidly moving towards a gas-based economy in the country

This strategy has underlined the announcements of measures like ethanol blending, PM KUSUM Yojana, incentives for solar manufacturing, rooftop solar scheme, coal gasification, and battery storage in the Budgets of the past few years. Underlining the significant announcements in previous years’ budgets, the Prime Minister highlighted schemes such as green credit for industries, PM Pranam Yojna for farmers, Gobardhan Yojna for villages, vehicle scrapping policy for cities, Green Hydrogen and wetland conservation in this year’s budget. The Prime Minister underlined that these announcements lay the foundation stone and pave the way for future generations.

The Prime Minister said that India’s commanding position in the renewable energy space will ensure a commensurate change in the world. This Budget will play a key role in establishing India as a lead player in the global green energy market.