BJP reiterates its commitment to “Garib Kalyan”

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As India assumes the mantle of G20 presidency with the idea of “One Earth, One Family, One Future” while emphasising the significance of the ancient mantra “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam,” its efforts in hosting the ‘Voice of the Global South Summit” can be seen as the country’s commitment to the well being of the entire world. Attended by 125 countries, from Latin America and the Caribbean to Africa, Asia, and even Europe, the summit has lived up to its theme of “Unity of Voice, Unity of Purpose.” The call of the 4Rs—”Respond, Recognize, Respect, and Reform”—given by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi was reinforced by his assurance, “Your voice is India’s voice, your priorities are India’s priorities.” India, under the visionary and

While the “Garib Kalyan” programmes have not only given huge relief to the poorest of the poor during the COVID-19 pandemic but also led to their empowerment in multiple ways

dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has created a new sense of hope among the nations that see India as a credible friend in need upon whom they can bank in times of crisis. It was not only the COVID-19 pandemic when many countries looked towards India for various kinds of help and assistance, but even in times of natural disaster and war, peacekeeping, or crises of other kinds, India has been at the forefront of extending all possible help to various countries. Today, from International Yoga Day to the International Year of Millet, India’s initiatives are now recognised and supported around the world. India has earned a distinguished place in the hearts of people all over the world with its firm faith in peace, stability, progress, and the brotherhood of humanity across the globe.

While reiterating its commitment to the resolve of “Garib Kalyan,” the BJP National Executive meeting discussed a range of issues that are having transformative impacts on India’s socio-economic conditions. While the “Garib Kalyan” programmes have not only given huge relief to the poorest of the poor during the COVID-19 pandemic but also led to their empowerment in multiple ways. The policies and programmes for the empowerment of the poor, deprived, oppressed, farmers, labourers, marginalized, women, and youth are getting reflected in India’s rebounding economy, which is registering massive growth in all the sectors. While the world is amazed to see India’s emergence as the fifth largest economy in the world even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, its highest rate of growth among major economies makes it the brightest spot in the otherwise gloomy economic scenario across the world. While the achievements on the economic front seem incredible, the initiatives in various sectors, from work on cultural rejuvenation to restoring self-confidence and pride in India’s civilizational heritage, are inspiring the entire nation. At the same time, the double engine NDA governments are creating new records in “Garib Kalyan” programmes that strengthen and empower the poor at the grassroots level. The meeting has extended its greetings and gratitude to the strong and dedicated leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for taking India to new heights with his farsighted vision and strong resolve.

While millions of BJP karyakartas across the country are dedicating themselves to taking the nation forward in the “Amrit Kaal,” the BJP National President’s call to win every election in the days ahead is inspiring them to win the confidence of the people through their untiring service to the people. Through the “Seva Hi Sangathan” program, BJP karyakartas set a new record for serving the people during the pandemic and remain committed to serving the poorest of the poor by assisting people in government welfare initiatives. It is the result of the hard work, dedication, and commitment to serve the people and the inspiring and determined leadership of Shri Narendra Modi that the BJP is receiving immense blessings from the people all over the country. Today, when India is marching ahead in “Amrit Kaal,” the “Panch-Pran” has become the nation’s guiding principle.