Environment friendly Narendra Modi

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DilipBhai Chaudhary
Secretary, Sarvajanik University, Surat

Shri Narendra Modi is known for his love for environment. There have been several occasions when he has spoken about environment apart from authoring a book providing solutions to save the environment.

Shri Dilipbhai Chaudhary, secretary of the Sarvajanik University in Surat narrates one such incident where Narendra Modi’s idea turned the campus environment friendly and also helped in saving fuel.

In 2007, Gujarat CM Shri Narendra Modi visited the Sarvajanik University as chief guest for an event. During his interaction with Shri Dilipbhai Chaudhary, he enquired about the courses offered and facilities provided to the students. While conversing, at one point Shri Modi asked Shri Chaudhary about the number of campuses of the Sarvajanik University. To which, Shri Chaudhary replied 4 campuses.

Immediately an idea struck his mind and he said you can Save Oil and Save the Environment! Explaining his idea, Shri Modi said that since you have 4 campuses, you can fix different days for different campuses and declare it- No Vehicle Day. Like for one campus it can be on Monday and for the others it can be on three different days of the week.

He also suggested that during these days the mode of transport should be walking or cycling. And, this rule should apply on one and all, from officials to students and the principal as well.

Shri Narendra Modi also said that make sure that you observe ‘No Vehicle Day’ in your campus as by doing so you will save a lot of fuel and also make the campus more environment friendly.

Shri Chaudhary further said that Shri Modi’s idea was so inspiring that everyone readily agreed to implement the ‘No Vehicle Day’ in the campus from next year. Even today, all four campuses of the Sarvajanik University follow the ‘No Vehicle Day’ in a week and all the staff members, principal and students either walk or cycle through the campus.

It not only decreased the pollution in university but also helped us save the fuel by not using the vehicle for a day in a week, Shri Chaudhary said. In extension to the good work on environment front, the Sarvajanik University also started to clean the area in and around the campus during its annual events.