Government Approves Assistance For 7 Journalists And 35 Families Of Journalists

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The Central Government on 1 July approved a proposal of the Journalist Welfare Scheme Committee to provide financial relief to the families of 35 journalists who have lost their lives. This includes 16 families of journalists who died due to Covid-19 under the Journalist Welfare Scheme (JWS). The families will be provided with assistance up to Rs. 5 lakhs.

The JWS Committee also recommended assistance to two journalists suffering from permanent disability and to five journalists for their medical treatment of major ailments as per the JWS guidelines. The committee has approved a total assistance of Rs. 1.81 Cr during the meeting.

So far, assistance under the scheme has been provided to 123 families of the journalists who have lost their lives due to Covid-19. With the current approvals, in the current meeting a total of 139 families have been provided assistance.

Under the scheme, the families of journalists are provided with financial assistance up to Rs 5 lakh in the event of the death of the journalist causing extreme hardship. Assistance is also provided to journalists in case of permanent disability, serious accidents and major health ailments.