Highlights of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019

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In 1950, the Nehru-Liyaqat accord was signed wherein both the countries guaranteed protection to the minorities in their respective countries. Unfortunately, the accord was complied with properly in our country but in all the three nations minorities were subjected to various sorts of persecution.

After creation of Bangladesh, Peace and Friendship Treaty was signed in Dhaka in 1972. No atrocities were committed against religious minorities in Bangladesh as long as Sheikh Saheb was there in power. After assassination of Sheikh Saheb in 1975, people belonging to minorities communities were subjected to atrocities and it had become impossible for Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians to follow their religion there, so they took shelter here.

Even in Afghanistan, there were 2 lakh Sikhs and Hindus before the year 1992, but by the year 2018 only 500 remained there. Religious places Gurudwaras and temples were destroyed there. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and Parsis flee to India due to atrocities committed against them by Talibanis.

The proposed Bill intends on the positive direction to grant citizenship to all the minorities who have been subjected to religious persecution. This Bill has not taken away any of the rights of the Muslim community. Anybody can apply for citizenship under the provision of the law of the land. All will be granted citizenship if the applications are found in order as per the rules.

The Minority has no reason to worry. This bill is not going to harm any minority living in India and especially Muslim brethrens.

India has honoured the Muslims of India. There is no question of taking away citizenship through this Bill.

Through this bill, provision has been made to give citizenship to all victims.

A resolution of the Congress Party of November 25, 1947 should be referred but the opposition does not even accept this resolution of the Congress Party.

If the minorities do not want to stay in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, they undoubtedly can come to India and the responsibility of the Government of India is to accept them.

Under Modi ji’s rule, we have given citizenship to more than 566 Muslim citizens of these three countries in 5 years.

Generally, in Islamic countries, there is no possibility of religious persecution against the followers of Islam (The majority community). Therefore, only Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians have been included in it.

We are not awarding it to any one religion. We are taking the minorities of these three countries and are taking all the minorities. We are taking a class that has fallen victims of religious persecution.

The minority population came down from 23 percent to 3 percent & from 22 percent to 7 percent in Pakistan & Bangladesh. But in India Muslims also became Chief Justice of India, Chairman of this House, Chief Election Commissioner, and President/Vice President. Minorities were protected and promoted here.

Every time the Government of India has addressed the problems. Around 8-9 lakh Tamil refugees were granted citizenship. Hence this discrimination has not happened with Tamil Nadu. Rohingya do not come directly into our country. People should not change approach for power.

The Narendra Modi government has only one religion which is the constitution of this country. Which never allows this country to become Muslim free.

Many members raised the subject of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. Citizenship has been given to Sri Lankan citizens by all parties of the Government of India from time to time. There is no question of thinking of injustice with anyone. When we take a problem, we try to solve it completely.

We will follow the Assam Accord in full. All the brothers and sisters of Assam and other North-Eastern states are assured that they do not worry about their language, literature and dialect. The Government of India will protect it.