Leaders hail Ayodhya verdict

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“Further to today’s unanimous verdict by 5-Judge bench of Supreme Court on Ayodhya issue, let’s leave the past behind and move towards building an India of peace, harmony & prosperity. India is the winner from this judgement. Our desire and ability to live together has triumphed”.
— M Venkaiah Naidu (Vice President of India)

Its a landmark judgement which should be accepted by all of us with humility. I appeal to the people to maintain peace and calm.
— Rajnath Singh (Union Defence Minister)

The people should respect the decision of the Supreme Court with peace and discipline.
— Nitin Gadkari (Union Minister)

Welcoming the unanimous decision. The judgement of the apex court was historic, balanced and judicious.
— Prakash Javdekar (Union Minister)

“Lord Ram always talked of Maryaadit Aacharan. Let us renew the pledge for peace, amity and understanding. Let India grow further and prosper inspired by the eternal principles of our civilizational heritage.”
“A historic day when a landmark judgment has been delivered upholding the majesty of the judicial system of India. It is a victory for India. We all salute the judgment”.
— Ravi Shankar Prasad (Union Minister)

“The Supreme Court judgement on decades-old Ayodhya matter should be welcomed and respected wholeheartedly by all of us. It’s our collective responsibility to strengthen unity, social harmony, brotherhood in the country”.
— Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (Union Minister)

“While respecting the court’s decision, we all have to maintain mutual harmony. This is the time for bondage, faith and love among all of us Indians.”
— Rahul Gandhi (Former Congress President)

The Supreme Court has delivered a historic judgement which should not be seen as anybody’s victory or loss. People should now forget disputes of past and work together to build Ram temple.
— Dr. Mohan Bhagwat (RSS Sarsanghchalak)

The Supreme Court’s judgment in the case of the disputed land in Ayodhya is a significant and decisive step towards the construction of a temple of Lord Ram. In a statement, VHP urged the Centre to take expeditious steps for early construction of a grand temple.
— Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP)

“The SC verdict is correct because we all had said that we will accept the verdict delivered by the SC. Now, Muslims must not challenge it and should accept the decision as it is.”
— Ahmed Bukhari (Jama Masjid’s Shahi Imam)

We humbly accept SC verdict, I am thankful to god that Muslims, by and large, have accepted this verdict and the dispute has ended now. I think the matter should just end now .
— Maulana Kalbe Jawad (Shia Cleric)

A welcome verdict by the Supreme Court & shall lead to finality of the issue. The very fact that its a unanimous jdgmnt is being under appreciated. Its in itself a strong message. No judgment can satisfy everybody. The verdict will close doors of politicising the issue.
— Abhishek Singhvi (Congress Leader)

We welcome Supreme Court decision by heart. And all should welcome the decision.
— Jafar Faruqi (Sunni Central Waqf Board)