Lok Sabha Passes 3 Historic And Path Breaking Labour Codes

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The three Bills introduced in the House for historic labour reforms in the country were passed in Lok Sabha on September 22, will prove to be a Game Changer in the labour welfare reforms covering more than 50 crores organized and unorganized workers in the country.

This also includes gig, platform and also opens up the doors for social security to those in the self-employment sector.
The 3 bills which were passed in the Lok Sabha are (i) Industrial Relations Code, 2020 (ii) Code on Occupational Safety, Health & Working Conditions Code, 2020 & (iii) Social Security Code, 2020. These bills are part of Government’s earnest desire to bring much needed labour welfare reforms in the country which has not been done for the last 73 years. In the last 6 years, many multi-stakeholders consultations were held with all stakeholders i.e. Trade unions, Employers, State Governments and experts of labour sector. This also includes holding 9 tripartite consultations, four Sub Committee meetings and 10 Regional Conferences, 10 inter-ministerial consultations and views of citizens.