Maharashtra govt. develops an app to make inspections of chemists, hospitals online

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The Maharashtra government developed an app to make inspections of chemists, hospitals online.

The state government has given its drug inspectors tabs in order to make inspections of chemists, pharmacies and hospitals online. Now,the inspectors will have to log on to an app developed for the food and drugs administration (FDA) department every time they step into a premise for inspections and the report of the inspection should also be filed through the app.

According to Shri Girish Bapat minister of the department Once the report is filed, no one can change it. And the inspector will also be asked to click pictures as proofs to go with his report. Bapat also said that this will also help reports to be filed faster and bring in more transparency in the process. Officials say that currently, the process of inspecting hospitals and drug stores is mired in corruption as inspectors indulge in corruption to give a favourable report.

When it’s manual, all sorts of manipulations are done. Once the system shifts to online, there will be more accountability.