In MGNREGA Scheme, 96% of wages are being paid directly to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts

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Implementation of MGNREGA Scheme has seen major changes in the last two years. Use of ICT tools, space technology, focus on improving livelihood resource base of people, provision of diversified livelihood opportunities through convergent programme implementation are some of the major features of changes brought in programme management. High budget allocation to meet the objectives of the Act and strengthening of monitoring system have been ensured. Measure like electronic fund management system (eFMS), Aadhaar seeding, Geo tagging of assets and strengthening of Social Audit System are some steps towards bringing in more transparency and accountability in the programme implementation. Emphasis on proper work file maintenance, setting up of Citizen Information Boards as part of Janta Information Systems are some of the other measures.

The current Financial Year is marked by the highest ever budget allocation of Rs. 48000 Cr.

To ensure that MGNREGA workers receive their wages on time, National Electronic Fund Management System (NeFMS) has been put in place. Almost 96% of wages are being paid directly to the beneficiaries’ bank accounts. Additionally, intense monitoring and fixing accountability for delays in payments has shown significant result in the current financial year. Around 85% of the wages are being paid to the workers in time.