‘Mission Schools of Excellence’ Will Improve Quality And Accessibility Of Education : PM

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After Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched the ‘Mission Schools of Excellence’ in Gandhinagar, the students and teachers said that through this project, the quality of education and learning will be enhanced. “It is a big vision. Through this, imparting education will become easy for teachers. Learning will become easy for the students as technology will be used on a large scale to teach”.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched Mission Schools of Excellence at Trimandir, Adalaj, Gujarat on October 19. The Mission has been conceived with a total outlay of 10,000 Crores. During the event at Trimandir, the Prime Minister also launched projects worth around Rs. 4,260 crores.

Mission will help strengthen education infrastructure in Gujarat by setting up new classrooms, smart classrooms, computer labs and overall upgradation of the infrastructure of schools in the State.

It will take the education system beyond smart facilities

Addressing the gathering the Prime Minister said today, Gujarat is taking a monumental step towards the creation of the Amrit generation for the Amrit Kaal. “This occasion is going to serve as a milestone for a developed India, and for a developed Gujarat’’. He congratulated all citizens, teachers, youth and the upcoming generations of Gujarat for Mission Schools of Excellence.

Throwing light on the recent development of 5G technology, Shri Modi remarked that although we have used the 1st to 4th generation of internet, 5G will usher in a transformation across India. “With every passing generation, technology has connected us to every small aspect of life. Similarly, we have seen different generations of schools, Shri Modi said”

Highlighting the capabilities of the 5G technology, the Prime Minister said that it will take the education system beyond smart facilities, smart classrooms and smart teachings and take it to the next level. “Our younger students can now experience the power of virtual reality and the internet of things in schools”, he said.

The Prime Minister expressed happiness that through the Mission Schools of Excellence, Gujarat has taken the first and most significant step in the entire country. The Prime Minister congratulated the team of Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel for this monumental achievement.

Shri Modi expressed delight at the array of changes that Gujarat has seen in the field of education in the past two decades. He recalled the dilapidated state of the education sector in Gujarat and informed that 20 out of 100 children would never go to school.

Mission Schools of Excellence : Highlights

Mission Schools of Excellence has been conceived with a total budget of 10,000 Crores.

The Mission will help strengthen education infrastructure in Gujarat through setting up of new classrooms, computer labs, smart class rooms and overall upgradation of infrastructure of schools in the State.

The mission aims to strengthen government schools with more than 120 students and develop them into Schools of Excellence.

The number of students in these schools is estimated to increase from 59 lakh to 63 lakh due to the programme.

Under the mission, 20,000 government schools (about 50 per cent of the total 40,000 government schools), including 15,000 primary schools and 5,000 grant-in-aid secondary and higher secondary schools, have been selected for holistic development.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the World Bank (WB) will provide a loan of Rs 7,500 crore for the government of Gujarat’s Mission School of Excellence project.