‘Narendra Modi’s focused and dedicated approach transformed the nation into a global Powerhouse’

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N. Chandrababu Naidu’s address

Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, honourable Union ministers, respected NDA Partners, honourable MPs. First of all, we are congratulating all of you; we have won a wonderful majority. I have seen for the election campaign for three there months honourable PM never took any rest day and night. He campaigns with the same zeal. He started and ended with the same spirit.

In Andhra Pradesh, we had there public meetings, and one big rally which made a huge difference in winning the elections in Andhra Pradesh. The honourable home minister came, and he addressed one meeting, a very powerful meeting which changed the situation in a big way. I’m thanking him. If you want to achieve, if you visualise, it can b e done. Shri Narendra Modi Ji has a vision, and he has a zeal. His execution is perfect, and also he executes all his policies with a true spirit; always having a leader right time is a great asset for the nation.

India has the Right leader at right time

Today, India has the Right leader at right time which is Narendra Modi. This is a very good opportunity for India. If we miss now, we will miss forever. That is where we have wonderful opportunities you are seeing globally. Today, all countries have a 1% or 2%, or 3% growth rate but India has been growing at the highest growth rate for the last 10 years; it will continue for another 10, 20 years, 30 years, or 40 years. India has a first-mover advantage, one of which is Information Technology. We also have a demographic dividend, which means more young people, which has created an excellent advantage for Indians to move abroad. We also had all the resources in ancient times, but we are now moving very aggressively, and the reason is very clear: we have a leader, and that leader is Narendra Modi. I proudly propose the name of Shri Narendra Modi Ji on behalf of the Telugu Desam Party for the post of Prime Minister of this great nation. Through his vision of Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas and Viksit Bharat and through the collective efforts of NDA, we can become a zero-poverty nation that is possible only because of Narendra Modi Ji.

This is a historic moment

This is a historic moment for all of you who are here. Telugu Desam Party has had relations with NDA from the beginning. My leader, my marty founder, great N T Ramarao Garu, you all are aware he always worked for the people and also told very clearly I don’t know ‘isms’. I know only are ‘ISM’ that is ‘Humanism’. That is NTR, that Vision Narendra Modi Ji is making a reality in India. We are very happy about this momentum. I thank all of you.

This time, we know the election we have won are historic elections, if you see 95% seats we have won in Andhra Pradesh, that is a big victory. I have seen so many elections. It is the first of his kind; that is the confidence people have in NDA and all leaders. My friend Pawan Kalyan ji is here from the Janasena Party, TDP, and also BJP; we worked together without having any reservations. Here, state president Purandeswari is also here. All the leaders worked very well that is the result we got. I’m very happy to share some of my ideas with you; this is the proudest moment in my life. Thank you.