Nation welcomes persecuted minorities with open arms

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The Congress conspiracy to fuel widespread unrest in the country on the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) stands completely exposed. It has gone to the extent of launching a vicious disinformation creating unwarranted suspicion in the minds of people through its divisive agenda of polarising the people along communal lines. The manner in which it along with its cohorts tried to create confusion by misleading the people is not only highly deplorable but a menacingly divisive vote bank politics. The Congress should understand that the politics of rumour mongering by pandering lies and false stories can create confusion for a short while but it gets defeated in the long run. In the past also, it has attempted to create wedge in the society through its vote bank politics but people not only rejected the politics of the Congress but taught it a lesson in the polls. It is highly unfortunate that the Congress refuses to learn and continues to play vote bank politics aimed at creating wedge in the society.

The CAA which is aimed at giving citizenship to the persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh has been continuously opposed by the Congress and its allies on baseless grounds. It has even gone against the wishes of Mahatma Gandhi who clearly felt that India had a responsibility towards the minorities of Pakistan. India has a very painful memory of partition on the basis of Jinnah’s two nation theory causing untold miseries to millions of people. It was the one of the world’s most terrible times when millions were dislocated from their home and in the riots that ensued millions perished. The gruesome tales of the plight of minorities still continue in these countries and while facing religious persecution they are either forced to convert or compelled to flee their home seeking refuge across the borders in India. A large number of such people have found shelter across India but they are still living in appalling conditions as refugees and await citizenship so that they are able to begin their lives anew. Almost all political leaders, cutting across the party lines have at different times have demanded the citizenship for these persecuted minorities. There is no doubt that they are hapless victims of partition and they have no other option but to take refuge in India to save their religion, culture, the honour and dignity of their women and safety and security of their lives. India has the history of giving refuge to the persecuted people from across the world since ancient times. The people who came here centuries back seeking refuge continue to live in India with peace and amity and also contributing remarkably enriching the Indian culture and society. Today, the situation in the neighbouring countries has made a large number of persecuted religious groups to come to India to begin their lives again with dignity, safety and security. India owes a responsibility towards them but unfortunately Congress and its allies have chosen vote bank politics above humanitarian grounds.

It is a matter of immense satisfaction that the Indian parliament under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 with massive support in the parliament and as a result CAA has been enacted after the presidential assent. The CAA promises huge relief to the six religiously persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh viz. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and Parsis. It is slated to bring a new dawn in the lives of these six persecuted minorities who can now start afresh as proud citizens of India. The political will and determination displayed in enacting CAA is finding support across the country and people are coming out in large numbers to support this noble initiative of the Modi government. The manner in which the Bill was piloted in the parliament by the Home Minister Shri Amit Shah is being applauded in every nook and corner of the country. The Modi government has shown the courage to resolve the longstanding problems before the country and paved the path of building a New India with glorious, prosperous and secure future. The nation is now welcoming the religiously persecuted minorities, the brothers and sisters from across the borders with open arms.