Continuing his election campaigning spree, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed mega public meetings in Karnataka’s Mudbidri, Ankola and Baihongal. “May 10th, the day of the polls, is fast approaching. The BJP is determined to make Karnataka the top state and BJP’s resolve is to make Karnataka a manufacturing super power. This is our roadmap for the coming years,” stated PM Modi.

PM Modi said, “The BJP aims to make Karnataka the leading state in terms of development, but the Congress has different intentions and desires to turn Karnataka into an ATM for their royal family.” PM Modi accused the Congress of taking a commission of 85% in every scheme, which he believes will set the state back by decades. Therefore, he urged the people of Karnataka to be cautious when considering the Congress.

Referring the grand old party as the ‘Reverse Gear Congress’, PM Modi said, “Congress comes to the rescue of those who are arrested for conspiring to spread terror in Karnataka. Not only this, Reverse Gear Congress not only withdraws the cases registered against such anti-national people but also releases them.” He further stated that various sections of society unite to oppose such anti-national individuals, but the Reverse Gear Congress takes electoral help from them and runs in the opposite direction.

“Today, the whole world is paying respect to democracy and development in India. But the Reverse Gear Congress is defaming the country by roaming around the world. Karnataka which is moving on the path of peace and progress would never want someone to come and take it in reverse gear,” he added.

In reference to the initiatives undertaken to uplift fishermen, PM Modi remarked that the fishermen who safeguard the lengthy coastline of Karnataka are our compatriots. However, the Congress-led governments failed to provide them with assistance.

The Prime Minister said, “It was the BJP government that established a distinct fisheries ministry and devised a blueprint for the Blue Revolution. The BJP introduced the PM Matsya Sampada Yojana, the first-ever scheme for the welfare of the fishermen and the fisheries sector. Additionally, under the leadership of Yeddyurappa Ji and Bommai Ji, the Matsya Siri scheme has been implemented.”

Addressing the rally in Mudbidri, the PM iterated, “The government implemented significant reforms in the space sector, allowing private players to participate. Karnataka is excelling in this sector with the involvement of its youth in creating rockets and satellites. HAL also achieved its highest-ever profit recently.”

He talked about the government establishing trade agreements with UAE and Australia, where many people from Karnataka reside. Also, he remarked that Karnataka is currently empowering India’s startup revolution, enabling young individuals from humble backgrounds to become creators of both wealth and value. The Prime Minister called upon the people of Karnataka to help India in achieving the status of the world’s third-largest economy in the years to come.

During his second rally in Ankola, PM Modi took a swipe at former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah saying that the Congress leader was seeking votes in the name of his retirement from active politics. PM Modi claimed that Congress always failed to fulfil promises and betrayed public and said that BJP fulfilled all the guarantees. He also referred to Congress as a ‘85% commission government’ through his speech.

Pointing to the Congress’ ‘Corruption First’ policy, the PM stated, Congress has developed such a system in the country that its coffers are always full of black money. And for this, the Congress prepared crores of people on paper, who were never born. Today I also want to inform the country and the people of Karnataka about this ‘fake name scam’ of the Congress. The people of Karnataka have also suffered a lot in this fake name scam.”

Criticising the Congress for neglecting tribals over the years, PM Modi said, “Congress used tribals only as vote bank, and kept tribal areas deprived of facilities. Roads, electricity and water facilities have reached many tribal villages of the country in the last 9 years. It was Atal ji’s government which created a separate ministry for the tribals for the first time.” He mentioned how the Congress had opposed the idea of electing the first tribal woman President, and added that the BJP government had awarded the GI-tag to Sirsi betel nut, showcasing their dedication to the Vocal for Local initiative.

In his third and last public meeting at Bailhongal, PM Modi said, “Every family in Karnataka has received benefits from atleast one or the other schemes of the Double Engine Sarkar. Development has reached those regions where one could not even have imagined that it could go. The ‘shortcut politics’ by the Congress is dangerous to Karnataka. The outcome of such shortcuts only leads to polarisation and Vote Bank politics. My dear brothers and sisters, development can never happen this way.”

PM Modi accused the Congress and JD(S) governments for neglecting the problems faced by farmers, particularly in regards to the dues of sugarcane farmers. He claimed that the BJP government worked on a permanent solution by emphasizing the production of ethanol from sugarcane over the last nine years. He accused the Congress of having no plans or intentions for this.

Critisizing the Congress party, PM Modi said, “BJP government has given importance to works that were previously neglected by the Congress. For example, here in Karnataka, there is a lot of discussion about Amrit Swabhimani Kurigahi Yojana which provides aid to Kuruba families for the purchase of sheep and goats in Karnataka.” He also highlighted the ongoing national campaign of free animal vaccination that will benefit these families. Additionally, he mentioned that small farmers have received PM Kisan Samman Nidhi money directly in their bank accounts for the first time in the country.

At the end the Prime Minister said, “The enthusiasm shown by the people of Karnataka sends one message – ‘Ee Baria Nirdhara, Bahumatda BJP Sarkara’. Amidst Bharat Mata Ki Jai chants, he urged people to vote for BJP on May 10 to continue their march towards a prosperous Karnataka.