People of Karnataka have decided to reject Congress’ fake promises: PM

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As campaigning has entered into the last phase for the assembly elections in Karnataka, PM Modi today addressed two mega rallies in Shivamogga and Nanjanagudu. At the beginning of his speech, he expressed gratitude towards those who showed significant support for the BJP. He specifically thanked the people of Bengaluru for their participation in a large-scale roadshow, which elicited an enormous response from the crowd.

Coming down heavily on the Congress on the issue of lies, Prime Minister Modi said, “The ecosystem created by the Congress to spread its lies was inflating a balloon in Karnataka for a long time. Despite the Congress’ attempts to inflate the balloon, the people of Karnataka are aware of the deception and ultimately rejecting it by bursting the balloon themselves.”

Prime Minister Modi accused the Congress of neglecting girls’ education and women’s empowerment during their rule, stating that the lack of separate toilets for girls in schools caused many to drop out but the BJP has launched a campaign to remove this injustice being done to the daughters. He claimed that the government has also opened Sainik schools for women and women’s recruitment in all three services. PM Modi expressed confidence in the power of women to lead India in the 21st century, citing Akka Mahadevi as an example.

Talking about the government’s achievements, PM Modi stated, “This is the BJP government under which a university has been built every week in the last 9 years. This is the BJP government under whose rule more than 300 new medical colleges have been built in the country in the last 9 years. It is the BJP which freed the youth of the country from the trouble of getting their papers attested at every step. It is the BJP which ended the tradition of interview for Group C and Group D.”

Lashing out at the Congress party for putting Karnataka on Reverse Gear, PM Modi said, “Congress party wants to abolish the laws made by the BJP government to increase investment in Karnataka. When the investors move to the neighboring states, the youth of Karnataka, the workers of Karnataka will suffer a lot.” He highlighted Shivamogga’s importance as an automobile parts hub and mentioned that India had become the third-largest automobile market globally. PM Modi also criticized the Congress for allegedly working against investment promotion in the state, while the BJP was promoting the “Made in India” initiative.

During his second rally in Nanjanagudu, PM Modi said, “Double engine government works with double service, with double power, with double speed. And it has been proved in the last few years that when the country develops rapidly, Karnataka also develops rapidly. In the last 9 years, India came out of Fragile-5 economy and became Top-5 economic power.”

“During our government, every year India created new records of foreign investment and made new records of exports. But as long as there was a Congress, JD(S) government in Karnataka, Karnataka did not get its full benefits. As soon as the double engine government was formed here, the annual foreign investment increased three times as compared to earlier,” he added.

Alleging the Opposition for destroying the country’s cultural heritage, PM Modi said, “India’s strength lies in our culture. Karnataka is a strong pillar of this. Mysuru is a heritage district. Nanjanagudu is recognized as a small Kashi. But the governments of Congress and its ally JD(S) insulted this heritage at every step. Our faith and our heritage were also seen through the politics of vote bank and appeasement.” The Prime Minister also referenced the Ayodhya temple of Lord Ram and other pilgrimage sites like Kashi Vishwanath, Kedarnath, and Ujjain Mahakal Mahalok, stating that the Congress did not support their renovation.

Training guns on the Congress over defaming India at the international level, PM Modi stated, “When it comes to working against the interests of India, the Royal Family of the Congress Party is at the forefront. They openly incite foreign powers to interfere in India to influence politics. We all know how these people secretly meet foreign diplomats. They do such things which repeatedly insult the sovereignty of India.”

Further, hitting out at the Congress, PM Modi said, “In this Karnataka election, the royal family of Congress has gone one step further. Now the royal family of Congress has said that they want to protect the sovereignty of Karnataka. Do you know what this means? When a country becomes independent, it is called a sovereign nation. What the Congress is saying means that the Congress considers Karnataka to be separate from India.”

He argued that this statement implied that the Congress viewed Karnataka as separate from India and insulted the contributions of Kannada freedom fighters to India’s independence movement. The Prime Minister also expressed surprise at the level of the “tukde-tukde gang” ideology in the Congress party.

PM Modi further accused the Congress party of dividing people based on caste and religion, and causing conflicts between states. He stated that Congress wants to come to power in Karnataka at any cost and warned that the people of Karnataka will not forgive their actions. The Prime Minister promised that the Congress will receive a strong answer from the people of Karnataka on May 10, the day of the election.

Ending his rigorous Karnataka election campaign in Nanjanagudu, the PM said, “The BJP government has taken a pledge to make Karnataka number one in every sector. For number one Karnataka you have to vote for BJP, press the lotus button. There is only one voice coming from all sides in Karnataka – ‘Ee Baria Nirdhara, Bahumatda BJP Sarkara’.” Lastly, he said, “I request every Kannadiga, please cast your vote on 10th May. Your one vote will give a new height to the development of the country and Karnataka.”