NSO survey finds rise in salaried workers, women fare better

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                             Urban unemployment rate declines

The Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) released on November 23 ,2019 by the National Statistical Organisation (NSO) shows that the share of regular wage earners and salaried employees in the total urban workforce increased between April-June 2018 and January-March 2019 — from 48.3% to 50% — with women faring better than men.

The rising trend has been maintained over the last four quarters, with women salaried workers, representing organised sector workers, seeing a 2.1 percentage point increase, compared to 1.5 percentage points for male workers.
According to the report, Unemployment rate in urban areas marginally declined to 9.3% during January-March this year as compared to 9.8% during AprilJune quarter of 2018.

The release said unemployment rate in urban areas among males was at 8.7% during January-March 2019 as compared to 9% during April-June quarter in 2018. Similarly rate of joblessness among women in urban areas was estimated at 11.6% during January-March 2019 as compared to 12.8% during April-June last year.