‘If The Office Gives Stability In Work, Then Training Gives Stability In Thought’

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BJP National President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda on October 17 addressed the Bhoomi Poojan program of Uttarakhand BJP office. On the occasion Shri Nadda congratulated all the party workers of Uttarakhand. He said, “The office also gives an environment and a thought while giving stability to our work. I am happy that the grand office will be very suitable for the next 50 years with a big plan.”

He added, “We used to say during the student days that there should be five ‘क’. There should be a worker(कार्यकर्ता) first, then a program (कार्यक्रम) with him, a fund (कोष )to run everything, then the executive(कार्यकारणी) and the best office(उत्तम कार्यालय) to do them all. I am glad that you have taken this work forward, for this I thank you.”

Shri Nadda said, “If the office runs from a leader’s house, then the organization-party becomes the party of the individual. You must have seen that other parties have become family party, whereas our party has become family here. The world’s largest party with a membership of 18 crore stands today as a family.”
“We have started training on a large scale. If the office gives stability in work, then training gives stability in thought, so we will have to give full emphasis on training also.”