PM Narendra Modi is most popular global leader on social media platform

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is the numero uno on photo-sharing platform Instagram. Shri Modi is the most popular global leader on Instagram with 14.8 million followers, according to a list published by online platform twiplomacy. He is closely followed by Indonesian President Joko Widodo with 12.2 million followers. With 10 million followers US President Donald Trump is in the third position.

The picture of PM Shri Narendra Modi standing at a bust stop in snowy Davos ahead of the World Economic Forum 2018 is the second most liked picture with a total of 1,635,978 likes.

The Prime Minister is also very much active on Twitter and Facebook. With more than 43 million followers on his Twitter account and more than 40 million likes on Facebook, he is one of the most popular global leaders on social media platforms.
PM Shri Modi has a tech-savvy reputation. In 2015, He launched NaMo app to give his followers all the latest information, updates and his day-to-day activities.