Proposed amendments would further empower the country to fight terror : Amit Shah

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On July 17 National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was passed in Rajya Sabha unanimously. While replying the debate on the legislation BJP National President & Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah Shah said that the proposed amendments would further empower the country to fight terror. Here, we are giving synopsis of the speech given by Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah.

On the question raised on efficiency of NIA, I would like to say that if this House does not mould the credence of the NIA, then how will the NIA’s credibility be created in the world. To attempt to undermine this agency, to bring down its efficiency before the world is not right. As far as NIA is concerned, I do not want to give much data. From 2014 to 2019, till 17.07.2019, the total registered cases are 195, out of 195 cases, the filing of charge sheets has been completed in 129 cases. In 44 cases, the culprits have been convicted in 41 cases. I do not believe that any agency in the world has worked more efficiently than this. Out of 44 cases, 41 have been convicted, and 184 accused have been proved guilty. I want to assure this House that wherever in the world there will be a crime of terrorism against the Indians, the NIA agency will be able to deal with it. The first challan was made on August 9, 2012 in the Samjhauta train explosion case, in 2013 another challan was made.

At both the times we were not in the government. In the Samjhauta train explosion case seven people were apprehended. US agencies said that they had made explosion, later suddenly a case was made to link terrorism with a particular religion. Those who died in Samjhauta Express, their widows and orphans also have human rights. They have not got justice. There was a time when the government, prosecution and law officers used to conspire in the same room. There is no wrong case against anyone in the government of Narendra Modi. Our government does not run on the basis of the Political Mandate.

I want to assure that the government will not allow misuse of this law. Today, we do not have any legal right to take action against terrorist activities occurred in foreign country in which Indians were attacked. Pakistan has signed the treaty, but it has not made the law. An incident occurred in Uri, CRPF was attacked in Pulwama.

We also did surgical strike, air strike, and we dared to answer by entering the house. In Pakistan also, it will have to make this law sometime or other. It is a law that will send a message across the world that what is the intention of both Houses of India. All these messages are going to be from this law. I want to request all members of the House that this amendment should be passed unanimously.