Team India for New India by 2022

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As Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on 71st Independence Day, India once again felt reassured of its march towards a glorious future. The words of PM echoed the aspirations of every Indian, who want to see the rise of a great country, confident of taking its rightful place among the comity of nations. The wave of transformation which is sweeping India can be now experienced in every sphere of life and the results are getting visible with every passing day. One may do well to remember the situation in which country found itself languishing three and half years back stung by policy paralysis, misrule, corruption, scams and failures on almost every front. While the decline is arrested, India is moving ahead on every field becoming the fastest growing economy in the world, taking tough stand against corruption, black money and terrorism while reviving economy, defending the borders, annulling the security threats both internal and external and above all restoring the confidence of people in the system and government and building an ambience of hope. PM Modi represents that hope, the aspirations of the people of India and his address to the nation has once again carried the message of changing mindset towards positive attitude of ‘Badal sakta hai’ (things can change).

In his fourth address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, Prime Minister has touched almost all issues while reaffirming his vision of New India. In last three years the nation has covered enormous grounds with path breaking reforms by framing and implementing futuristic policies and programmes. The steps like Demonetization and GST are set to revitalize the Indian economy making it ready for global competition and outreach. The achievements are immense from implementation of OROP to huge success of Jandhan and Ujjwala Yojana. On the security front steps like surgical strike has boosted the national confidence and presented the glorious achievement of security forces. The PM also recounted the crackdown on black economy and enactment of various strong laws to fight the black money and corruption in the country. While reiterating commitment of the government in the interest of poor and deprived he resolved to carry forward the fight against black economy relentlessly. In his speech the PM has further extended the idea of ‘cooperative federalism’ to ‘competitive cooperative federalism’ paving way for states to engage in healthy competition for development. While taking a tough stand on terrorism he also said that the need to make Jammu & Kashmir a heaven once again is the priority of his government and the way forward is not ‘gaali’ or ‘goli’ but by ‘gale lagana’ (embracing the Kashmiris) while appealing Kashmiris to join the national mainstream. He also stressed on the new global image of India its enhanced status and the cooperation it is receiving from across the globe in various fields including sharing of information on black money and terror activities. While listing countless achievements PM called for achieving the goals of suraj in true sense.

While PM has repeatedly emphasized his vision of New India, he also called for collective will of the nation to achieve its stated aims of pucca houses, electricity and potable water to every poor, doubling of farmers’ income, ample opportunities for youths and women, an India free of casteism, communalism and terrorism, an India where there is no compromise with nepotism and corruption, an India clean, healthy and having potential to realise the dreams of swaraj. No one will deny that without the manifestation of collective will, the nation cannot march confidently on the path of progress and development. He appealed to the nation to work unitedly and tirelessly for five years from 2017 to 2022 to realize the vision of New India. He has rightly emphasized that if a grand and glorious India has to be built, then it is time for Team India of 125 crore people to commit itself for New India.