Yoga and you

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Narendra Modi

Dear Friends,
On 21st June, 2019, the world will come together to mark the 5th International Day of Yoga.

I write to you with two sincere requests.

First, make Yoga an integral part of your lives.

Second, enrich the Yoga Day by participating in it with your entire office team.

Yoga: More than just exercises

Yoga is not merely a set of exercises.

Yoga is a handy passport to fitness and wellness.

It is a journey from ‘me’ to ‘we’, bringing synergy between the mind, body and intellect. Yoga fosters oneness with our families, our society, and all the flora and fauna with whom we share our beautiful planet.

Simple and convenient

The beauty of Yoga is that it is both simple and convenient. Yoga does not need elaborate equipment or large grounds. All that is needed is some empty space, a mat and lots of diligence. While it is advisable to practice Yoga in the mornings, you can also practice Yoga during short breaks. If you desire, you can try Asanas in between every few hours.

Yoga and you

You have reached spectacular heights on the professional front but in high-pressure jobs, high stress closely follows. Those deadlines, those presentations, the gruelling travels…they can take a toll on your mind and body. Not to forget, the constant pressure to deliver the best results, lest your competitor get ahead.

Yoga and meditation are the panacea to these problems.

The moment you say hello to Yoga, you will say goodbye to stress.

Healthy body creates a strong mind

At the positions in which you work, I am sure you are required to take several important decisions that will have long lasting implications for the coming years. A wavering mind can’t take these decisions with precision and clarity, and add to this an unhealthy body, then it is a recipe for disaster.

By embracing Yoga, your mind will get much sharper.

This will lead to better concentration, greater creativity, more intelligence and sharper intuition. You will be able to make better decisions and create the best impact!

The posture problem

Long hours in the office, long hours on the seat bring with it a long list of postural problems.

Again, there is no better posture improver than Yoga! It can help you avoid slouching or hurting your back through bad posture. Several Asanas are such that your back related problems will reduce significantly.

Yoga – the family bond enhancer

Quite importantly, Yoga augurs well for deepening familial bonds.

In the midst of your packed routines, finding quality family time or time for hobbies may not be as simple. In such a scenario, try practicing Yoga together as a family. It would definitely mean quality family time!

Yoga and a Yuga (era) of happiness

It is unbelievable how Yoga, which began in India thousands of years ago has become so popular on the world stage. Yoga’s endearing quality- of furthering oneness has gone a long way in creating a Yuga (era) of happiness and brotherhood.

In a world where ideologies of hate can potentially divide brother from brother, Yoga stands as a unifying force. In a time where health ailments, especially stress related ailments are rising, Yoga is giving relief and joy.

I am confident that Yoga will continue to enhance happiness and harmony in our society, which will benefit generations to come.

I hope you would embrace Yoga. You will see the difference.

I am also sharing a set of animated videos of me practicing various Asanas. Those can be a good place to start, if you want to learn.

Happy Yoga practicing!

(Writer is the Prime Minister of India)