Over 175 crore Aadhaar authentication transactions carried out in October

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Aadhaar adoption and usage by residents continues to progress across India, indicative of how it is touching lives, and enabling ease of living for residents. In October, over 175.44 cr authentication transactions were carried out via Aadhaar.
A majority of these monthly transactions were done by using fingerprint biometric authentication, followed by demographic and OTP authentication.

So far, cumulatively almost 8,426 crore authentication transactions have been completed by using the 12-digit digital ID by the end of October, indicative of how Aadhaar is increasingly playing a role in good governance and aiding welfare delivery.

Whether it is ‘Jeevan Pramaan’, e-KYC, AEPS for last mile banking, Aadhaar enabled DBT or authentication, Aadhaar, a digital infrastructure of good governance, has been playing a vital role in supporting the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India.

The number of face authentication transactions jumped from 4.67 lakh in September to over 37 lakh in October. Face authentication is facilitating pensioners to generate digital life certificate at home by using their mobile phones without visiting banks or common service centers, thus promoting ease of living of the senior citizens.

Similarly, in October alone, 23.56 crore e-KYC transactions were executed using Aadhaar, and the cumulative number of e-KYC transactions via Aadhaar has now gone up to 1321.49 crore by the end of October 2022.