‘Viksit Bharat’ – MODI Guarantee

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As polling progresses in different parts of the country, the unique strength of Indian democracy is being acknowledged across the world. India, the mother of democracy, has become a shining example of a successful democratic system in the world. Today, India is not only celebrated as the world’s largest democracy but also for its respect for democratic values, nationalistic spirit, and a robust electoral system. While people participate in the massive electoral process, the debates over various issues, different modes of campaigning, public meetings, roadshows, and various innovative methods to attract the electorate have made the festival of democracy colourful, having no parallel anywhere in the world. While a large number of political parties, from the national to the regional level, along with local political outfits and independents, are trying to connect with the voters, the issues range from the national to the local level, engaging millions of electorates and making the electoral process a mammoth democratic exercise. The sheer size, diversity, and varying dynamics from the national, regional, and local levels, yet having a unifying impact across the nation distinguish the Indian democracy as an amazing phenomenon, wonderful in every sense and marvellous in every form.

While Indian democracy gets strengthened with each election, the BJP, under the charismatic and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, is emerging stronger and stronger with every election result. The overwhelming

While Indian democracy gets strengthened with each election, the BJP, under the charismatic and dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, is emerging stronger and stronger with every election result

blessings that people are increasingly showering on the BJP include seeing the lotus blooming in every part of the country. The faith of the people earned through hard work, farsighted policies and programmes, unflinching commitment, and complete dedication is resulting in remarkable achievements and incredible blessings from the masses. In the last ten years, India has seen huge transformation while registering amazing growth in various sectors. As more than 25 crore people are lifted out of multidimensional poverty, the standard of living has tremendously improved for the poorer section of society through various welfare measures and innovative schemes. In its journey from the ‘Fragile Five’ to the ‘Top Five’ economies of the world, India has created immense opportunities for youth, women, and the middle class while empowering the poor, SCs, STs, OBCs, farmers, labourers, and other deprived and oppressed sections of society. Today, the entire world is acknowledging the emergence of a confident and strong India, ready to lead in various sectors of development.

While the remarkable achievements of the country are making every Indian proud, the Congress-led opposition is busy creating a negative narrative by maliciously resorting to lies and deceit. In the ongoing elections, they have not only brought before the nation their regressive policies but also exposed their divisive agendas. The programmes and policies that have failed and brought the nation’s economy to the brink of collapse are being sought to be revived while aiming to divide the nation through the politics of appeasement. In place of playing the role of constructive opposition, the Congress and its allies are now in self-destructive mode. While the people are exercising their franchise, the Congress and its allies are stooping to new levels every day in a desperate effort somehow to survive. The last ten years of negative politics have been punished by people repeatedly, and this time the Congress and its allies are set to be punished even harder.

As the last ten years of astounding achievements have created new aspirations in the nation, the people across India are voting with the dream of ‘Viksit Bharat’ in their eyes. The inspiring and strong leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has ignited the faith that realising the ‘Viksit Bharat’ dream is possible—as it’s Modi’s guarantee. The election results are clear now: ‘Phir Ek Baar, Modi Sarkaar’, ‘Abki Baar, 400 Paar’.