Over 2 Lakh Bio-Toilets Installed In 60,906 Train Coaches

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Over 2 lakh bio-toilets have been installed in 60,906 train coaches of Indian Railways, the Ministry of Railways said on August 24, 2019. Taking to Twitter, the ministry said that 2,18,515 bio-toilets have been installed in 60,906 coaches and the work is going at a rapid pace to installed it in remaining coaches as well.

“Indian Railways is making a significant contribution in keeping the environment clean and tidy. Under this, bio-toilets are being installed in trains, which will help in keeping the train and track clean. 2,18,515 bio-toilets have been installed in 60,906 coaches till now. Bio-toilets are being installed in the remaining coaches at a rapid pace,” the Ministry of Railways tweeted.

The ‘Bio-Toilet project’ of Indian Railways is an innovative and indigenous development of technology. This technology is first of its kind being used by any railroad in the world for on-board accelerated digestion of human waste. These bio-toilets are fitted underneath the lavatories and the human waste discharged into them is acted upon by a colony of anaerobic bacteria that convert human waste mainly into water and small amounts of bio-gases.