AAP Government’s Politics of lies, fraud and betrayal exposed

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The Delhi Assembly election is right in the corner and before casting vote, it is necessary that the Kejriwal government should be tested on its promises and actions. There is no doubt now that Arvind Kejriwal and his politics have been completely exposed. The Aam Aadmi Party government, steeped in a quagmire of corruption, misrule and inaction, has betrayed the people of Delhi. Let’s look at his report card in the last five years:


• Arvind Kejriwal has inducted several corrupt and scandal tainted persons in his government and in this list his minister Sandeep Kumar lost the ministerial berth in a sex scandal.
• In another case Chief Minister was forced to remove his cabinet minister Asim Ahmed Khan in a bribery case.
• Jitendra Singh Tomar, another gem was removed from the post, accused of furnishing a fake degree.
• Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai was also evicted from the post on corruption charges.


• Recently, during protests against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), violent rioting and arsoning were carried out at Jamia University at the behest of some of the Aam Aadmi Party leaders.
• The first instigator of this conspiracy was Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and the second was AAP MLA from Okhla Amanatullah Khan, against whom an FIR has been lodged in this case.
• Previously, in JNU sedition case Kejriwal supported the students who raised anti-national slogans and related file to prosecute these accused is also pending with Delhi government.
• The court has also scolded the Delhi administration in this case.


• Delhi’s declining health can be clearly seen in NITI Aayog’s health index “Healthy States, Progressive India”, where Delhi has slipped two places to 5th position in the Union Territory Index.
• The Kejriwal government promised to increase the number of beds in hospitals to 30,000, but in its five year tenure merely 394 beds were added to the existing system.
• Kejriwal government had also promised to create 900 new primary health care centers, but unfortunately not a single new primary health center has been built in the last 5 years.
• With the important promise like free diagnostics, free medicines and all free health checkups, Kejriwal government has only opened few ‘Mohalla clinics’ in Delhi.
• About 130 ‘Mohalla clinics were said to be opened, but barely 50-60 Mohalla clinics exist on ground. There has been widespread corruption and cases of fake entries of patients have increased in these clinics. Apart from this Health department of Delhi government has not been able to use 100% of the budget allocated even once in the last 5 years.

• This year too only 46.47% of the total health budget has been utilized. There is a major crisis in term of medical staff (doctors, surgeons and specialists) in Delhi government hospitals, where 29% decrease in para medical staff, 22% decrease in the number of nurses, 40% decrease in the number of administrative staff has been witnessed.
• The baseless politics of Kejriwal government has deliberately stopped ‘Ayushman Yojana’ to be implemented in Delhi and deprived millions of poor people of its benefits.


• It is a matter of real shame that New Delhi is judged most polluted city in the world according to Air Visual data on the ‘World Air Quality Index’ ranking.
• Under these circumstances the government even could not be able to form an action plan against dust and garbage pollution in last five years.
• And due to Delhi air pollution, people are forced to breath severely polluted air, which is having a detrimental effect on their health.
• Supreme Court has slammed the Aam Aadmi Party government in the pollution case and said that Arvind Kejriwal’s government has failed to take appropriate steps on pollution.


• When the AAP government had came into the power five years ago they, claimed that 5,000 new buses would be added to the existing fleet of DTC.
• But during the tenure of Kejriwal government the figure has fallen from 4,705 buses to 3,762 buses and they only managed to add 50 buses in its entire tenure.
• On the women safety issue in DTC buses the Delhi government had made big announcement to install CCTV cameras in these buses, but till now only 25 DTC buses have been equipped with CCTV cameras.


• A recent BIS report exposed the claims of the Delhi government and termed Delhi’s water most polluted.
• Even in the last two years, the number of registered complaints about ‘no water supply’ has increased from 34,554 to 52,100, while complaints related to ‘contaminated water’ have increased from 27,227 to 33,884, which is an increase of 24 percent and shows the claims of Delhi Government has failed miserably.
• It is really disappointing that according to Delhi Jal Boards own claim, more than 650 slums have no water connection in Delhi.


• The performance of Delhi government school students in the last five years is really disappointing in view of the available facts;
• The pass percentage in Delhi’s government schools in class 10 was 71.58% and 28.42% students of Delhi’s government schools failed in the 10th examination.
• Similarly, only 0.84% of the students studying in Delhi government schools in class XII examination have managed to achieve 90% or above.
• AAP-led government has not lived up to its election promise, which called for the construction of 500 new schools and not a single school has been build despite having possession of land for these schools.


• The Kejriwal government came into power while opposing the subsidy of Rs 600 crore to power companies by then government and today Kejriwal government is giving 2500 crore rupees to these companies in the name of subsidy.
• So, the question arises that if there was corruption in subsidy of Rs 600 crore, then how much corruption is happening now. Even much more its promise to audit private power companies was not fulfilled.
• The promise of solar energy has remained a mere hallow promise.
The time has come that the people of Delhi should teach the Kejriwal government a lesson for corruption, misrule, lies, fraud and betrayal and cast their vote in light of the facts not on mere false claims and misleading stories.