Always Encouraged Party Members To Take Up The Cause Of Poor And Oppressed

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Hailing from an economically humble family of agricultural labour, Shri Mallikarjunaiah zealously toured the entire state with great power and passion to build the Bharatiya Jana Sangh brick-by-brick. Shri Mallikarjunaiah had also served as the President of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh before the draconian emergency was declared. Soft-spoken, gentle, and unassuming Mallik was a personification of simplicity, a personification of humility, and the epitome of commitment and dedication to the ideology’s cause. He always encouraged party members to take up the cause of the poor and oppressed, to fight for their rights and to oppose injustice. Mr. Mallikarjunaiah has always championed the cause of party workers in party fora.

One distinguishing feature that endeared him to the workers was that he never missed an opportunity to visit workers’ homes, whether auspicious or inauspicious, making him extremely popular with the party cadre. He had won five consecutive Graduates’ Constituency elections to the Karnataka Legislative Council, demonstrating his popularity among workers and graduate voters.

He was also unanimously elected as the Karnataka Legislative Council’s Deputy Chairman. He conducted the Upper House of the Legislature’s proceedings in a professional, objective, dispassionate, and unbiased manner by being fair to all sections of house. His unwavering public service enabled him to win the Tumkur Lok Sabha seat in 1991. He was appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha. His knowledge and experience as the Deputy Chairman of the Karnataka Legislative Council assisted him in carrying out the responsibilities of the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha in a way that earned him great respect.