As of Now, 500 Projects Identified Under Sagarmala

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The Sagarmala programme is the flagship programme of the Ministry of Shipping to promote port-led development in the country through harnessing India’s 7,500 km long coastline, 14,500 km of potentially navigable waterways and strategic location on key international maritime trade routes. The main vision of the Sagarmala Programme is to reduce logistics cost for EXIM and domestic trade with minimal infrastructure investment.

Sagarmala Programme was approved by the Union Cabinet in March 2015 and a National Perspective Plan was prepared by the Ministry of Shipping which was released on 14th April 2016. As of now, 500 projects have been identified at an estimated infrastructure investment of Rs. 3.55 Lac Crore across all the pillars. Out of these, 143 projects (worth Rs. 0.88 Lac Crore) have been completed, and 190 projects (worth Rs. 2.12 Lac Crore) are already under implementation.Remaining set of 167 projects are under various stages of development and expected completion are well within 2035.

Implementation of these projects arebeing done by the Central Line Ministries, State Governments / Maritime Boards and SPVs preferably through the private sector and through the Public Private Participation (PPP) wherever feasible. The information was given by Ministry of Shipping in Parliament.