‘Babasaheb’s contribution in making the country prosperous and strong can never be forgotten’

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The Times Group Newspaper “Vijaya Karnataka” started a new initiative urging the children to write a letter to the Prime Minister of the country. And, then they published some selected letters. I read those letters and liked the initiative. Even these little children are conversant with problems confronting the nation; aware of the deliberations going on in the country. Kirti Hegde from North Kannada had appreciated Digital India and Smart City schemes and she put forth a suggestion that we need to transform our education system and said that the present-day children do not like classroom reading, they love to know more and more about nature. And if we impart knowledge about nature to our children then in future they may prove very useful in protecting the environment.

A child Reeda Nadaf from Laxmeshwara has written that she is the daughter of an army man and feels proud of being so. Which Indian would not be proud of our soldiers? And, you being a soldier’ daughter should naturally take pride in that. Irfana Begum from Kalburgi has written that her school is 5 Kilometres away from her village and she has to start early in the morning and it gets quite late in the evening by the time she returns home. She says that as such she does not find time to spend with her friends and has suggested that there should be a school nearby. But, my countrymen, I liked this initiative taken by a newspaper that helped these letters reach me and I got an opportunity to go through these. This was a very good experience for me.

My dear countrymen, today is 26/11. The 26th of November is our Constitution Day. The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on this day in the year nineteen forty-nine. Our constitution was implemented on the 26th of January, 1950 which we celebrate as our Republic Day. The Constitution of India is the spirit of our democracy. This is the day to remember the members of the Constituent Assembly. They all worked hard for about three years to draft the Constitution. And, whoever reads that debate will feel proud about what actually the vision of a life dedicated to the nation is. Can you imagine how hard their task would have been to frame the Constitution of our country which has such big diversities? They must have shown a great sense of understanding and farsightedness and that too at a juncture when the country was getting rid of the bondage of slavery. Now, this is the responsibility of all of us to make a New India in the light of the thinking of the makers of our Constitution. Our Constitution is all encompassing. There probably is no area, no aspect of nature which remained untouched.

Equality for all and sensitivity towards all is the unique characteristic of our Constitution. It guarantees fundamental rights to each & every citizen, whether underprivileged or oppressed, backward or deprived, a tribal or a woman. It protects their fundamental rights and safeguards their interests. It is our duty that we abide by our Constitution in letter and spirit. Citizens and administrators alike must move ahead in accordance with the spirit of our Constitution. The message that our Constitution conveys is that no one should be harmed in any way. It is but natural to remember Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on the Constitution Day today.

Seventeen separate committees were constituted by the Constituent Assembly on various important issues. One of most significant of these was the drafting committee and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was the Chairman of this drafting committee. He was playing a pivotal role in it. The Constitution of India, which we feel so very proud of, bears an indelible stamp of his able leadership. He ensured the welfare of every section of society. We remember him and bow before him on his Mahaparinirvan Diwas on 6th of December. Babasaheb’s contribution in making the country prosperous and strong can never be forgotten. 15th of December is the death anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Sardar Patel rose from being a farmer’s son to be known as the Iron Man of the country, undertaking the extraordinary task of uniting India into one nation. Sardar Saheb was also a member of the constituent Assembly. He was also the Chairman of the Advisory Committee on fundamental rights, minorities and tribals.

26/11 is our Constitution Day but how can the nation forget that on this very day nine years ago, terrorists had launched an attack on Mumbai. The country remembers and bows to those brave citizens, policemen, security men and each one who lost their lives then. This country can never forget their sacrifice. Terrorism and extremism are trying to weaken and destroy our social fabric. That is why, the need of the hour is that humanitarian forces should become more alert and cautious.
I am happy that the Ministry of Defence has decided to run a campaign from December 1 to December 7 during which they will reach out to the people of the country to disseminate information about our ARMED FORCES and to make them aware. Throughout the week every one, old or young, should wear the flag. A movement to instill respect for our forces will come into being in the country. We can distribute ARMED FORCES FLAGS on this occasion.

Our farmers across the country have got more than 10 crore soil health cards made so that they may understand their soil better and accordingly sow the crop.

Promoting cleanliness suffers from no barriers of age; there are no boundaries. A child or an elderly person, a woman or a man, everyone needs cleanliness. And everyone should contribute towards the cause of cleanliness. Our Divyang brothers and sisters are firm in their resolve; they are competent, capable, courageous and determined.

We get to learn something or the other every moment. They are performing well in every walk of life. Whether it be the field of sports, any kind of competition or a social initiative, our Divyang brethren are second to none. You must be aware that our Divyang sportspersons won 4 medals in the Rio Olympics through their stellar performances. They also emerged champions in the T-20 Cricket World Cup for the Visually Challenged. Myriad competitions take place all over the country. Recently, the 17th National Para-Swimming Competition was held in Udaipur. Divyang brothers & sisters from different parts of the country participated & displayed their stellar skills..

Let us share our positive experiences with #PositiveIndia (Hashtag Positive India) on the Narendra Modi App or MyGov portal. Remember to recollect the incidents that inspire others. If you remember positive events, then you will be in a mood to do good around you. Positive events provide energy to do good. Positive thoughts beget positive resolve, positive resolve takes you forward towards auspicious results.

Let all of us together witness the strength of this collective momentum and its impact. My dear countrymen, I will be back amidst you next month, with another episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat.’ We will have another opportunity to talk a lot. Many – Many thanks!