BJP Believes In Hard Work, Commitment, Dedication, And Selfless Service To The Nation

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As the BJP celebrated its 44th Foundation Day on April 6, 2023, millions of its karyakartas across the nation rededicated themselves to the service of Maa Bharati with renewed fervour and enthusiasm. While the BJP offices across the country wore a festive look, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inspired the karykartas with his unique vision, commitment to the cause, and invaluable guidance. The mantra of ‘Nation First’, which is an article of faith for the BJP Karyakartas, was emphasised in the address of the Prime Minister, who said that a BJP Karyakarta keeps his own interests last in the list of priorities for nation building. Extending his greetings to the people on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, Shri Narendra Modi further said that, like Lord Hanuman, BJP Karyakartas are also blessed with the capabilities of achieving what was considered impossible. In the ‘Amrit Kaal’, the BJP karyakartas

The Supreme Court should be congratulated for dismissing such anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, and anti-people privileges sought by Congress and its allies in the name of being politicians of the country

are fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to serve the nation and contribute immensely to the onward march of the country. BJP National President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda has rightly said that while being a political party, the BJP was also able to transform into a party serving the nation through ‘Seva-Karya’ during the COVID-19 pandemic and other times of distress. As the world’s largest political party, the BJP has immense achievements, from giving an alternative in politics to saving democracy during Emergency, fighting for the unity and integrity of the nation, heralding an era of good governance and development, and establishing healthy democracy through the ‘politics of performance’. As a political party, the BJP represents the nation’s democratic traditions, ethical values, and highest ideals in public life. It is a unique gift to the Indian democracy and an example to be emulated by democracies across the world.

In dismissing the petition filed by 14 opposition political parties as withdrawn, the Supreme Court has once again upheld the principle that ‘no one is above the law’, however powerful he might be. While refusing any immunity to political leaders, the Supreme Court said, “Once we accept that political leaders stand absolutely on the same footing as citizens of the country, they will face the same due process of law and are not entitled to a higher immunity than what is available under law”. It may be noted that 14 opposition political parties, including Congress, TMC, AAP, DMK, SP, JD(U), RJD, BRS, NCP, the Uddav Thakre-led Sena faction, JMM, CPM, CPI, and the J&K National Conference, were seeking immunity from arrest against the CBI and ED in various corruption cases under investigation. The Congress and its allies, which were in power for a long time in the Center and in various states, were ousted by the people in the face of heavy corruption, loot of public money, scams, and scandals of various kinds. Now that these cases are being investigated and the culprits are being brought to book, the opposition is crying hoarse. It is under the strong and determined leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi that no one is spared for being a political dynast or for belonging to any political party or having held a powerful position in yesteryears. The Congress and its allies, who have been considering power as a means of enjoyment, personal aggrandisement, and a licence for corruption and looting of public money, are now petitioning the courts to grant them special immunity. The Supreme Court should be congratulated for dismissing such anti-democratic, anti-constitutional, and anti-people privileges sought by Congress and its allies in the name of being politicians of the country.

While the people are showering their blessings on the BJP across the nation, the Congress-led opposition still remains neck-deep in the politics of dynasty, privilege, monopoly of power, and personal aggrandizements. The Congress and its allies believe in an unprincipled politics of opportunism, power games, and selfish gains, while the BJP believes in the principled politics of hard work, commitment, dedication, and selfless service to the nation. The result is that ‘lotus’ is blooming everywhere.