BJP is dedicated to the holistic development of Mizoram: JP Nadda

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BJP ‘Vision Document 2023’ for Mizoram Elections

BJP National President Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda released the BJP ‘Vision Document 2023’ for Mizoram Assembly election on 27 October, 2023. The ‘Vision Document’ promised many important developmental features including Sports Academy with scholarships for aspiring athletes, setting up of Mizoram Olympic Mission and 33 per cent reservation for women in government jobs. Shri Nadda said it is a significant opportunity to outline the Vision for the next five years in Mizoram.

Shri Nadda said many political parties publish their vision documents, mission statements, or manifestos, but frequently, these documents are seen as mere pieces of paper. This is because these documents often lack a genuine sense of commitment, and fulfil their commitments to the people. BJP’s approach to a vision document is marked by thorough research and a strong emphasis on financial aspects. They prioritize creating a well-researched and financially sound document, which distinguishes them from some other political parties. Their approach to the task involves posing questions such as, “How can we achieve our goals? What will be our roadmap to success?” This approach necessitates diligent work, in-depth research, and a rigorous process for developing the vision document. The document is only presented after thoroughly addressing these questions and conducting extensive research.

The BJP National President emphasized that the Northeast region is undergoing a significant positive transformation under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Shri JP Nadda observed that the Northeast region, including Mizoram, was once plagued by issues such as strikes, blockades, insurgency, abductions, targeted attacks, and assassinations. This was a common occurrence in the past. However, after the NDA government and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi took over, we witnessed a significant shift toward peace, prosperity, and development in the region.

He shared the information that a remarkable 80% reduction in insurgency has been achieved in the Northeast region. Additionally, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) has been lifted in approximately 66% of the affected areas, reflecting a significant step toward peace and normalcy in the region. This demonstrates the improvement in law and order in Mizoram and its neighbouring states.

Hon’ble National President has emphasized that the BJP’s Act East Policy has had a transformative impact on the Northeast region. Notably, 1,150 projects with a combined worth of 15,867 crore have been sanctioned for the development of the Northeast. In the past nine years, a budget allocation of 3.37 lakh crore has been made for various development initiatives.

Shri Nadda concluded by emphasizing that the BJP is dedicated to the holistic development of Mizoram and has provided substantial financial support for the people of Mizoram. Mainstreaming has been the approach to progress in this direction. He once again requests the people of Mizoram to support the Bharatiya Janata Party and its candidate.

Highlights of BJP ‘Vision Document 2023’

Shri JP Nadda emphasized that the vision document outlines their plans and proposes to launch an operation called ‘Drug-free Mizoram’ to address drug addiction among the youth throughout the state. Additionally, they are introducing a mission named ‘Mizoram Education-Upgrade and Zirlai Simathaman Mission’ with budgets of 250 crores and 350 crores, respectively, aimed at enhancing existing government schools and colleges with state-of-the-art facilities.

The BJP is launching the Mizoram Olympics Mission to make Mizoram a leading sporting state and help Mizo youths excel in the Olympics.
To upgrade Zoram Medical College to a regional institute of medical science through collaboration with the central government.
Under the Queen Ropuiliani Women Empowerment Scheme, every girl child will receive a cumulative financial assistance of 1.5 lakhs.
The BJP is introducing a 33% reservation for women in government jobs.
The Mizoram Urban Development Infrastructure Mission, with 400 crores, aims to enhance electricity, urban connectivity, and roads.
Building on the success of Mamit, the BJP will include Siaha as an aspirational district and focus on holistic development in all villages with the Mizoram Rural Infrastructure Development Mission and 950 crores.
The BJP will double the Ayushman Bharat family health insurance to 10 lakhs and raise Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi assistance to 8,000 Rs. per year.
The BJP’s Mizoram Agri Infra Mission will invest 1,000 crores to revamp agricultural infrastructure.
The BJP will form a Special Investigation Team to address irregularities in SEDP implementation.
Through collaboration with the central and Assam governments, the BJP will resolve border disputes and protect Mizoram residents’ rights.
The BJP’s Lotus Scheme will combat corruption in the SEDP, providing family ID cards to eligible families for improved livelihoods.
The BJP is committed to effectively utilizing 22,500 crores to boost Mizoram’s economy, putting an end to years of neglect.
To promote Mizoram’s culture, the BJP will celebrate Mizoram’s Chapchar Kut, Pawl Kut, and Mim Kut festivals to showcase our rich culture and traditions. The party will ensure efficient utilization of 22,500 crores to boost Mizoram’s economy and make it a top economy in the northeast.
After years of neglect towards the economically viable tourism sector by the government, we will revamp the brand of Mizoram Tourism as Mystical Mizoram with a corpus of 250 crores.
BJP believes in divine and not in divide intentions of the northeast, there we believe in DTH: Development, Transformation and Harmony among the people.