BJP will get advantage of good governance, transparency and stability during last five years : OP Mathur

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BJP National Vice-President and Jharkhand Election In-charge Shri Om Prakash Mathur interacted with Vipul Sharma of Kamal Sandesh regarding the ongoing Assembly Elections in Jharkhand. During the interaction Shri Mathur said owing to the honesty and transparency in governance, faster development of the state in last five years under the BJP government and host of welfare schemes of the Modi government at the centre which has changed the life of the poor, the BJP is getting huge public support in Jharkhand. Excerpts of the conversation;

What is your assessment on the current political situation in Jharkhand ?
The state of Jharkhand is divided into a total of 5 divisions and the cultural differences of these five divisions can be clearly seen. Each circle is socially, politically and geographically distinct. So keeping this in mind, we had crafted our election strategy. The first phase of the election, which has just been voted, has 13 seats and we are confident that we are going to succeed in this phase of elections with more seats than last time. As per data, in the first phase 1.44 percent vote has increased in compare to the Lok Sabha elections. This is a clear indication that the work we did at the booth level is getting support from the public.

The second phase of election is to be held in Kolhan division and in the last assembly election; the party got the least number of seats in this division. Keeping this in mind we have worked hard in this area and we are confident that the party will do better here this time. Apart from this Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed several rallies in the state. So far, four rallies held in the state and during these rallies the public support we got is more than what we had anticipated.

What steps did you take to strengthen the organizational structure of the party in view of the assembly elections ?

We are working out on our strategy for assembly elections from long back. As the National President Shri Amit Shah had planned to strengthen the party at the booth level, we had set up booth pramukh and his team at around 29,400 booths in the state. And special attention was paid to the geographical and social status of the area concerned.

Secondly, this time much better work has been done at the Panna Pramukh level in the state and the core team of all the assemblies has been formed. The entire tactic of these elections has been planned according to the organization team. We divided the electoral strategy into two parts, one of which was its technical aspect and the other was its political aspect. The technical aspect is primarily handled by the organization and has direct access to the electorate, the activities includes the distribution of tickets on the basis of social equations, ensuring the state visits on the basis of social equations and appointing in-charge on every Lok Sabha and Assembly seats. And we were constantly reviewing our work.

The BJP has managed to deliver a stable government in the state. Will the party get its advantage in the upcoming elections ?

Jharkhand has been in existence for 19 years and during this time the state has been the victim of political instability. This is the first time that a BJP delivered a stable government in the state which has completed its 5-year term, this has a deep impact on the mind of the people and we are confident that BJP will definitely get advantage of this in elections.

What kind of impact you are seeing of central government schemes in these elections?

In my view, Jharkhand has been very fortunate in the last five years that the BJP government was in power both at the Center and in the state and the people of the state have been fully benefited by this double engine government. PM Shri Narendra Modi crafted policies keeping the village, poor and farmers in mind, and the people of Jharkhand also got benefited from these policies. We held a conference of the beneficiaries of these schemes in almost all the assemblies and it was seen that about 90 percent of the beneficiaries of these schemes are women, which is a matter of great pleasure. The benefits of schemes like Ujjwala, housing, Kisan Nidhi, Jan Dhan, Ayushman Bharat and road construction have reached to the people and that is making BJP popular.

In the last five years, BJP has been successful in giving a development oriented government in the state. How do you see the achievements of the government?

During the last five years the BJP government has been successful in curbing the Naxal problem to a great extent. Only four or five major incidents of Naxal attack held in the state during this time. So the rein on Naxalism has a great impact on electorate.

Apart from this, the state government is giving an assistance amount of Rs 31,000 to 38 lakh farmers annually, 28 lakh farmers have got free mobile phones, up to 50 lakh properties in the name of women are being registered in just one rupee, Scheduled Caste Development Board was formed for the first time in the state, Tribal Development Committee has been formed in the state. These are some of the schemes that are giving a new dimension to the development in the state and their benefits are reaching the needy people directly.