BJP Will Get Two-Thirds Majority In Gujarat : Amit Shah

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Union Home Minister launches ”Gujarat Gaurav Yatra” in Ahmedabad

Union Home Minister and Cooperation Minister Shri Amit Shah flagged off the ‘Gujarat Gaurav Yatra’ from Sant Savaiyanath temple at Zanzarka village in Ahmedabad on 13 October, 2022 which will criss-cross the state along three routes as part of the party’s massive outreach programme ahead of state elections.
Addressing a massive rally on the occasion, Shri Shah said BJP will get a two-thirds majority in the Gujarat elections.

BJP lived up to the expectations of people

He said the Yatras were envisioned to celebrate Gujarat’s achievements in the last 20 years after Shri Narendra Modi first became its chief minister in 2001. Under the leadership of Modiji, the people of Gujarat have time and again reposed their faith for 20 years and the BJP has always lived up to their expectations. In these years, Gujarat has become the country’s topmost state and this Yatras is to celebrate this feat, Shri Shah said.

He said it is not that only BJP has ruled in Gujarat. Were you getting round-the-clock electricity during Congress’ time? Were you getting water from Maa Narmada before Modiji? Did Sanand and Ahmedabad districts see industrial development before BJP? Congress did not give water, industrial growth or electricity. They only gave communal riots. Out of 300 days in a year, Gujarat witnessed 200 days of curfew and this kind of situation was created by the Congress. They did this because they believed that till the time people fought among them, they had nothing to lose.

Gujarat saw peace & development under BJP

This changed after the BJP came to government and Gujarat saw peace, development, security and prosperity, he said. “Today you have the world’s largest stadium here, a diamond bourse has come up in the state, Ahmedabad has emerged as a sports hub, a world-class traditional medicine centre has come up, the first international financial city GIFT City is in Gujarat. Prosperity has travelled to every home in the state,” he said.

“The people of Gujarat have ensured BJP’s victory. Let me say this before the media persons here, BJP will win a two-thirds majority this time. This is because the people of Gujarat have put their faith in BJP and BJP has worked hard to live up to that faith,” Shri Shah said.