BJP’s journey from Shunya to Shikhar is due to Karyakartas : PM

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the BJP Foundation Day (06 April, 2018) interacted with the BJP District Presidents across the length and breadth of India and BJP Karyakartas from 5 Lok Sabha constituencies- New Delhi, Delhi North East, Mumbai North Central, Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh) and Saran (Bihar). Shri Modi affirmed that he was interacting with Karyakartas in these seats keeping a promise to MP colleagues who have over 3,00,000 Twitter followers. This programme took place on the Foundation Day of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Here we are publishing the salient points of the Prime Minister’s speech for our esteemed readers.


Recalling the foundation of the BJP the Prime Minister stated, “The BJP was born in extremely tough circumstances. The BJP and its senior leaders were virtually ostracized from prevalent political scenario. Infact, if there is one party that has consistently been a victim of political untouchability, it is the BJP.” He added that times have not changed and now it is for everyone to see where the BJP is and where those who treated the BJP shabbily are.


Shri Modi avowed that the BJP’s journey from ‘Shunya’ to ‘Shikhar’ is due to the stupendous efforts of the Party’s Karyakartas. “It is our Karyakartas who have fulfilled Atal Ji’s words- Andhera Chhatega, Suraj Niklega, Kamal Khilega. Our journey is a Yatra of dedication of countless selfless workers,” he pointed.

He termed the BJP as a party that is a true believer in democratic ethos. “In the BJP there are no divisions, no dynasty politics and no ‘I’ versus ‘you’. It is truly democratic and a democratic political party can effectively serve a democratic nation.”


Speaking about the four years of the BJP-led NDA Government PM Modi opined, “Ours is a Government fully dedicated to the poor and this is also seen in the working of the various state governments of the BJP. Our endeavour is to bring a transformative change in the lives of the poor.”


Shri Modi gave a clarion call to the BJP Karyakartas to keep working for the nation and never get agitated by negativity of vested interest groups.

“We are living in a time when the Opposition to BJP is at its highest. Sometimes, it also takes a violent turn. This is not because we made a mistake. It is the strength of the BJP that is affecting our opponents”, said the Prime Minister, adding, “They are unable to digest that a poor person born into a backward family is serving as the nation’s Prime Minister. They cannot imagine that when we got the opportunity to elect a President on our own strength, we elected a person belonging to the Dalit community. They cannot imagine that when we got the opportunity to elect a Deputy Speaker, we selected Shri Suraj Bhan, who belonged to the Dalit community and later Shri Karia Munda, who is a tribal leader.”

Shri Modi expressed pride that the BJP has the most Dalit, Tribal and OBC representatives in India, both in the Parliament and in the various state assemblies.

He appealed to the BJP Karyakartas never to say or do anything that lowers India’s political discourse and remain focussed on serving the nation.


The Prime Minister also spoke to a select group of BJP Karyakartas based in Delhi, Mumbai, Himachal Pradesh and Bihar.
Pravin Sharma from Himachal Pradesh asked the Prime Minister on the journey of the BJP so far and the ways ahead to further strengthen the Party. Answering his question the Prime Minister said, “Yes, the situation has changed considerably. Three to four decades ago, our energies were primarily devoted to Vistaar or expansion of the party whereas now, having got the opportunity to serve several states the aim has become Vikas or development. From the Sangharsh of the yesteryears we have to also focus on Seva.” He appealed to the BJP Karyakartas to embrace the changing circumstances and at the same time work for the common good of society.

Mamata from Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar wanted to know how the Prime Minister remains calm in the midst of so much negativity. She wanted the Prime Minister to share Mantras with the BJP workers, whom she called Election Warriors, just like the Prime Minister did for Exam Warriors. Shri Modi told her, “First and foremost, I want to tell you, there is no need for anger. Truth will always triumph. Our way is Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas and we must remain dedicated to this cause.”
He told BJP Karyakartas that elections are won or lost at the booth level, which is why it is important to have effective booth management.

Shri Modi affirmed that there are two contrasting moods in the two different alliances in India. He pointed, “The NDA family is getting Jeet after Jeet (victory after victory), which is forcing the other parties

to spread Jhooth after Jhooth (lies after lies). Their only aim is to defeat Modi, nothing else.”

Reshma from Mumbai wanted to know about the usage of technology, to which the Prime Minister said, “Life without technology is a life incomplete and we must keep using technology for a better future.” He urged BJP Karyakartas to get more people to use the BHIM App.

Shri Modi described technology as an effective way to communicate and that too, communicate the truth. He urged BJP Karyakartas to regularly use the various Government sites and the ‘Narendra Modi App’ for latest news about the work of the Government.

A BJP Karyakarta from Bihar asked the Prime Minister on the four years of the NDA Government. The Prime Minister opined that having been in the Opposition, the BJP knows what issues the people face and now, having been in Government we should work towards those solutions.

Shri Modi appealed to the BJP Karyakartas to get acquainted with the extensive work done by the NDA Government, particularly those schemes that positively impact the poor.

Answering a question from Ravi, who is a BJP Karyakarta based in New Delhi, the Prime Minister said every BJP worker has the duty of building a New and developed India. He requested them to devote themselves towards serving society and impacting the lives of people around them. He cited the example of the good work being done in the New Delhi Parliamentary seat, where awareness on waste to health and public health is being spread.