He calls PM Modi a revolutionary leader

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                                                      Israeli Prime Minister visits India

On January 14, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi broke protocol to receive his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu.Under Shri Modi’s leadership India and Israel have come closer. Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit was first visit of any Israeli Prime Minister after a long gap of 15 years. In the six-days trip both country signed agreements in many areas like cyber security,energy, transport, cooperation in the field of Research in Homeopathic, Space Science and Technology etc.
On arriving in the Country Netanyahu said India-Israel relationship is a “marriage made in heaven. He said on India’s vote at the United Nation that one negative vote would not affect India-Israel ties. He added “We are strengthening ties between Israel and this important global power. This serves our security, economic, trade and tourism interests, as well as many other areas. This is a great blessing for the State of Israel”. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israeli PM held bilateral talks on Jan 15,2018 . Shri Modi said “Last year in Tel Aviv, you have expressed the intent to reduce bureaucratic red tape. I am happy to tell you that in India we are well on our way to doing just that”. He added “We are committed to facilitate the flow of people and ideas between our geographies”.

Netanyahu said that democratic values were the most important source of power. “If we are to live in a world that protects democratic norms, countries such as India and Israel needed to form an alliance to secure our future,” he told. He said Israel’s long struggle to survive had led it to understand a lesson: “The weak don’t survive, the strong survive.” He noted that “you make peace with the strong, you make alliances with the strong, you are able to maintain peace by being strong.”

Calling Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi a revolutionary leader, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “You are a revolutionary leader and you are revolutionising India. You are catapulting this magnificent state into the future. And you have revolutionised the relations between Israel and India,” Netanyahu said after talks with Modi. He even offered to do some yoga stretches with the Indian PM. Etching out commonalities in their personas to emphasise convergence of Indian and Israeli interests, Shri Modi said, “I have a reputation for being impatient to get results and so do you, PM Netanyahu. We will strengthen our cooperation in areas that affect the lives of our people — agriculture, science and technology and defence.”
On January 17 Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi accompanied his Israeli counterpart Netanyahu on Gujarat visit.

Here, Both leaders dedicated to the nation, the iCREATE facility located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. iCreate is an independent Centre created with the objective of facilitating entrepreneurship through a blend of creativity, innovation, engineering, product design and leveraging emerging technologies to deal with major issues such as food security, water, connectivity, cybersecurity, IT and electronics, energy, bio-medical equipment and devices etc. iCreate aims to develop an ecosystem in India to generate quality entrepreneurs.

The two leaders visited various stalls that highlighted technologies and innovations across diverse fields.
Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that innovation has a key role to play in bringing the people of India and Israel, closer to each other. He said the entire world has taken note of the technological prowess and creativity of Israel.
He said the youth of India has energy and enthusiasm. What the youth needs is a bit of encouragement and institutional support, he added.

The Prime Minister said that the Government is working to make the entire system innovation-friendly, so that intent can generate ideas; ideas lead to innovation; and innovation helps create a New India.

He said that the first pre-requisite of success is courage. He congratulated the courageous youth who are engaged in innovative activities at iCreate.

Quoting Kalidasa, the Prime Minister touched upon the dilemma between convention and innovation. He urged the youth of India to innovate to overcome the challenges facing the nation today, and to improve the quality of life of the common man at lowest possible cost.



The Prime Minister spoke of cooperation between India and Israel for innovation in areas such as food, water, health and energy. He said this cooperation between the two countries would write a new chapter in the history of mankind in the 21st century.

They also participated in a 10-km mega road show in Ahmedabad after paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi at Sabarmati Ashram. The two leaders attended a host of events during their one-day visit to Modi’s home state.

During the trip Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also revived the deal to buy Spike anti-tank missiles from Israel just weeks after New Delhi had exited the $ 500 million deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “Following talks I have held with my friend, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian government has informed us that it is putting the Spike deal back on track. This is very important and there will be many more deals.” Spike is an Israeli fourth generation man-portable fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile and anti-personnel missile with a tandem-charge HEAT warhead, developed and designed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.