Who Can Lead Mahila Morcha?

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PM Modi Story                                                         By: Bali Bhagat

What are the traits of the person who can lead Mahila Morcha? Which leadership qualities make the person eligible to be the head of women’s group? Here is what PM Shri Narendra Modi thinks about it.

In the year 1997-98, Shri Narendra Modi was incharge of Jammu and Kashmir. One day there was a party meeting and Shri Modi was present in the meeting. During discussion Shri Modi asked the party workers about various morchas of the party including SC Morcha, ST Morcha and Yuva Morcha. When he asked about the Mahila Morcha, party workers replied that they don’t have a Mahila Morcha as women in the state don’t come forward for such roles.

Shri Modi replied, there is no place in the entire country where Mahila Morcha can’t be established. Here was the point where the party workers were about to get the lesson of their lifetime, that too from their own experience.

Shri Modi asked the workers, whenever you have wedding or any other social gathering in your village and women gather for the occasion in evening, there is a woman who leads other women of the village.

She is the one who looks after the arrangements after reaching the venue. She also suggests the hosts to make some changes as per rituals, helps women is seating arrangements. And thereafter, all the women obey to her instructions and she automatically becomes their leader.

Shri Modi then asked the party workers; do you remember any such woman in your village or town? The party workers replied that yes there is a woman in every village who leads other women.

Shri Modi then told the workers that because she has leadership qualities, that’s why other women follow her instructions.

Why can’t you contact such woman in your village, she can be your leader of the Mahila Morcha, asked Shri Modi.Shri Bali Bhagat, BJP leader from Jammu & Kashmir recalls this incident and says that it was an eye opener for all of us present in the meeting. We realized that it was within our reach but thought process of leader like Shri Modi made us visualize that we can have a leader for our Mahila Morcha.