Choose between ‘Commission Government’ and ‘Mission Government’: Modi

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Addressing a huge public meeting in Mysuru, Karnataka after dedicating various railway projects Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 19 February, 2018 said the welfare of the people was never a priority for the Congress government in Karnataka and it is a ‘commission’ government, but the state needs a ‘mission’ government under the BJP to ensure all round development.

As long as there is a Congress government in Karnataka, the state cannot progress. Karnataka does not require a ‘commission’ government but a ‘mission’ government led by the BJP which will ensure all-round progress of the state. Congress has ruined the state and people will teach them a lesson in these elections,” he said.

The Prime Minister claimed that despite the Congress ruling the country for over 50 years 4 crore families in the country are without power. “For over fifty years, it was only one party that ruled the country. What is the reason that about 4 crore families still lack power supply? Why have they not ensured their well-being for all these years,” he asked adding that the country can never repose faith in the Congress.

He said wherever the Congress ruled in the country; it tried to hamper the development of that state. “Over the years, several schemes were discussed and debated in Parliament but never implemented on the ground. When we came to power, we identified them and initiated work on such projects,” he said.

He said in 2022, India will enter 75 years of its independence. We should work towards making an India which is just like what our freedom fighters had dreamt of.

The Prime Minister said that creating a railway system which is modern and technologically advanced is vital. “We are strengthening the railway networks across the country. Karnataka too is benefiting from it.”

PM Narendra Modi said if we have to fulfill the needs of the poorest of the poor then we need to strengthen our railway network. We are working towards this since last four years.

The PM flagged off the Palace Queen Humsafar Express Mysuru. This Palace Queen Humsafar Express train which connects Musuru to Udaipur is a historical step and would boost tourism he said.

I would like to announce that the widening of Bengaluru-Mysuru National Highway will be done with an investment of Rs 6400 Crore the PM said. We would also build a world-class satellite station for Mysuru and more than Rs 800 Crore would be spent on it. This will be a modern railway station the PM said.

The PM further said Congress is working to divide the society. If the current government continues in the state, the downfall is guaranteed.

Post-independence Congress had ruled for 70-80% of the time. You are demanding things and facilities today. If you really feel about those things why didn’t you do something when you were in power for 50 years Shri Narendra Modi asked the Congress party.

What do you need? A government of commission or a government of mission? A government which asks for 10% Commission to work or a government which works with the mission for development? Shri Modi asked.