‘Our civilization, culture and languages convey the message of unity in diversity’

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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the 59th edition of his monthly radio programme ‘’Mann Ki Baat’’ on November 24, 2019. Excerpts;

Shri Narendra Modi in his 59th edition of his monthly radio programme said countrymen, welcome to Mann Ki Baat. Every 4th Sunday of November is celebrated as NCC Day. Our youth remembers the friendship day without fail. There are some who also remember NCC Day in a similar way. I congratulate all the current cadets and former cadets on NCC Day.

‘ I am also fortunate that I have been an NCC Cadet in my village school, that’s why I know this discipline and uniform, and due to that the confidence rises’, he said. The PM said the Armed Forces Day is celebrated on December 7. We remember our soldiers’ sacrifice and courage this day. Let’s express our gratefulness towards the courage and dedication of the Armed Forces this day.


PM Shri Modi said post Ayodhya verdict on 9th November, 130 crore Indians again proved that nothing is more important than country’s interest. The morals of peace, unity and harmony are above everything. He said, “In the last edition of Man Ki Baat, we had discussed the 2010 Allahabad High Court Judgment on the Ayodhya issue. And I have referred to how we had maintained peace and harmony back then. Whether it was before the verdict or after the verdict. This time too, when the Supreme Court pronounced its judgment on 9th November, 130 crore Indians once again proved that for them, national interest is supreme. The values of peace, unity and goodwill are paramount in our country. When the verdict on Ram Mandir was pronounced, the entire country embraced it with open arms. They accepted the verdict with ease and with peace. Today, through the Man Ki Baat program, I would like to appreciate and thank my countrymen. I am particularly grateful to them for the patience, restraint and maturity shown by them”.


There are a lot of people of Rung community living in Pithoragarh’s Dharchula. These people converse in the local language called Runglo. They used to get sad knowing that people speaking the language were reducing. So one day, all resolved to protect their language and very soon many rung community people joined this mission.

The Prime Minister further said, “Hundred and fifty years ago, the father of modern Hindi Bharatendu Harishchandra had also said, “The progress of one’s language is the source of one’s overall progress. All progress is meaningless if one’s mother tongue is neglected”

That means no progress is possible without the knowledge of one’s mother tongue. This initiative of the Rang community, thus, is sure to be showing the path to the rest of the world. If you too, have been inspired by this story, then start using your language or dialect from today. Inspire the society and your family to do so.

‘Never had desire to enter politics’

Answering one of the cadets, PM said, “Every child goes through multiple phases in life. Sometimes one wants to become this, sometimes one wants to become that, but it is true that I never had the desire to enter politics, nor I ever thought about it,” he said.

The PM said that “due to Google”, his reading habits have suffered as there is a shortcut available to find references.

Shri Modi also asked to take a pledge to rid our surroundings of plastic waste, “Plastic Free India” can become a new example for the whole world.