‘Congress gets upset whenever Modiji receives accolades’

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Following the completion of nine years of the Modi government at the centre, BJP National President Shri JP Nadda addressed a huge rally in Godhra town of Panchmahal district in Gujarat on 10 July, 2023. Shri Nadda said opposition parties are turning into “family-centric parties” which are not concerned about the welfare of citizens.

Criticising Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s slogan of ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukan’, Bharatiya Janata Party National President said the Congress leader was actually running a “mega mall of hatred”.

“The Congress people get upset whenever Modiji receives accolades at the global stage. While trying to oppose our PM, Congress leaders have started opposing our country,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi went all the way to Britain to say that democracy is in danger. It was his grandmother who had imposed Emergency in the country in 1975 and imprisoned 1.5 lakh people, and now he is talking about democracy,” the BJP National President said.

Accusing Congress leaders of indulging in low-level politics, Shri Nadda said they had used words like “neech”, “bichchhu”, snake and “chaiwala” for PM Shri Modi to defame him.

“You are upset because Modiji is serving 140 crore citizens of India. I am surprised how you claim to run ‘mohabbat ki dukan’ when you are constantly spewing hate for Modiji. You should keep in mind that you are actually running ‘nafrat ka mega mall’, not ‘mohabbat ki dukan’,” he said.

Shri Nadda said while PM Shri Narendra Modi is busy serving people, the opposition parties are busy saving their own families.