Cow-Based Organic Farming – The need of the hour

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Rajkumar Chahar

Self-Reliant India is the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He knows it well that we can become self-reliant only when our agriculture, farmers and farming community will become self-sufficient. This is possible when we imbibe the principles of organic farming instead of chemical farming and make organic farming a mass movement. Cow products like cow dung and cow urine have been used in agriculture since time immemorial in Indian. Natural or Organic farming is a part of Indian culture, Indian civilization and our traditions since ancient times. There is a wealth of knowledge of natural farming available in the Vedas, the Puranas, the Upanishads. This farming is related to our roots. Our forefathers have been practicing natural farming since centuries ago. It is said in Rigveda- “Gavo Vishwasya Matarah”, which means cow is the mother of the world and it is the nurturer of the world. It is said in the Vishnu Purana- “Sarveshamev Bhutana Gaavah Sharanmuttamam”, which means the best shelter for all beings is cow. However, India’s agricultural system has changed tremendously over the period of times. Indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers, harmful pesticides and excessive use of ground water under pressure to increase production capacity due to ever increasing population of India has resulted in continuous decline in soil fertility, production, ground water level and human health. Owing to it even farmers are leaving farming due to rising fertilizers cost and dependence on the market.

PM Modi promoted organic Farming

Keeping these developments in view, Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the inception of BJP government at the centre in 2014 implemented various farmer-friendly policies like promotion of cow-based organic farming, neem coated Urea,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the inception of BJP government at the centre in 2014 implemented various farmer-friendly policies like promotion of cow-based organic farming, neem coated Urea, farmer friendly Mandi, Soil Health Card, Soil testing…

farmer friendly Mandi, Soil Health Card, Soil testing facility, crop insurance, Rs. 6000 per annum incentive to every farmer etc. for the wellbeing of the farming community of the country. The Prime Minister also focussed for such an agricultural method in which the cost is low, the yield is high, the quality of food grains is of high, human health remains good and the environment is also enriched. Only for that with the instructions of the Prime Minister the BJP government promoted the cow-based organic farming in various states of the country. In cow-based natural farming, nothing has to be bought from the market for the farming, but all the resources are available with the farmer. Natural farming is not a new thing for India.

Adopt natural farming, make mother earth safe

India has been an agriculture-based country by nature and culture. That’s why our country will progress as our farmer’s progress. Natural farming is a means of prosperity as well as respect and service to our mother earth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “When you do natural farming, you serve mother earth, protect soil quality and its productivity. When you do natural farming, you serve nature and environment, when you do natural farming, you also get the privilege of serving mother cow”.

Natural Farming Path to Prosperity

Natural farming method paves the way for prosperity for the farmers. Just as plants grow naturally in the forest, in the same way farmers in the fields can increase their production as well as increase the fertility of their land by adopting cow-based natural methods. Today, Government of India is giving subsidy of about two and a half lakh crore rupees annually on fertilizers, whereas this amount can be used for other development works in the country. If farmers adopt natural farming, then it will also avoid the damage caused by chemical farming. It is also possible to increase the income of the farmers through natural farming and up to 70 percent water can be saved in it.

Solving the Challenges of Climate Change

In the year 1977, the United Nations warned about Global Warming, despite this the problem of Global Warming is continuously increasing, but under the dynamic leadership of PM Narendra Modi, historical works are being done in the field of climate change in India and now India is a global leader in this field. Natural or organic farming is an effective solution to the challenges of climate change, the only requirement is that its benefits should be extended to every farmer. Farmers should not only adopt natural farming in every way but also make it a mass movement by spreading maximum publicity.

‘Jeevamrit’ increases the fertility of soil

Soil fertility depends on organic carbon. As per a survey, in the year 1960, the amount of organic carbon in the land of Pantnagar, Uttarakhand was 2.5%, which has come down to 0.6% today. When its quantity is less than 0.5%, the land becomes barren. The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides makes the crops poisonous. For this reason, the number of patients with serious diseases like cancer is increasing. Cow-based organic farming is the most effective solution to increase the fertility of the land and save mankind from toxic elements. Fertilizers and pesticides for cow-based natural farming are made from cow dung and urine. In this, gram flour of lentils, a handful of soil and 200 litters of water have to be mixed. Farmers can prepare this ‘Jeevamrit’ by themselves. ‘Jeevamrit’ increases the fertility of the field in the same way as a small amount of curd turns milk into curd. ‘Jeevamrit’ for one acre of land can be prepared from one day’s cow urine and dung of desi cow. Natural farming can be done in 30 acres of land with one cow. Bacterial activity generated from ‘Jeevamrit’ increases water seepage deep into the soil and it also increases water harvesting capacity.

Natural farming is a solution

Natural farming can prove to be a game changer for the country’s economy. Through natural farming Environmental protection can also be done, the income of farmers can be doubled and common people will get healthy food. Natural farming is being practiced by 2 lakh farmers in Himachal Pradesh and about 3 lakh farmers in Gujarat. Many states from North Eastern India, Uttarakhand, Bihar are also adopting organic farming in a big way.

Earned 4.5 Lakh with an input cost of 80,000

In an interview a farmer brother from Gujarat, Daji Gohil says that he had heard about natural farming based on cow, but could not start natural farming due to lack of knowledge about the right methods. After this, in the year 2019, Subhash Palekar organized a 7-day training program in Dholra village of Rajkot, Gujarat in which Daji Gohil learned the tricks of natural farming by taking training. He said the initial cost of doing cow-based farming was up to Rs 80,000 and the income increased to Rs 4.5 lakh.

Points to be noted for natural farming :

1) Use indigenous seeds only in natural farming.
2) Hybrid seeds will not give good results.
3) Use indigenous cattle of Indian breed only in natural farming. Jersey or Holstein etc. is harmful.
4) The direction of the row of plants and crops should be north-south.
5) Cultivation of pulse crops should be done.
6) If manure (compost) made at some other place is brought and applied in the fields, then the micro-organisms found in the soil will become inactive.
7) The food of plants should be made near the root, then the roots will go far to take food and will become long and strong, as a result the plant will also become tall and strong.

(The writer is National President of BJP Kisan Morcha)