Deepened under President Trump’s leadership : Modi

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Friendship of India & America

In the opening remarks of at ‘Namaste Trump’ Event PM Modi said “Today a new history is being made in the Motera Stadium. Today we are also seeing history repeating itself. ‘Five months’ ago, I started my US trip with the Howdy Modi program in Houston, and today my friend President Donald Trump is starting his historic visit to India with ‘Namaste Trump’ in Ahmedabad.” He added “You can imagine that he has arrived here directly from America. Landing in India after such a long journey, President Trump and his family went directly to Sabarmati Ashram and then came to this event.”

Describing about the event PM Modi said “The meaning of name of this program is ‘Namaste’, is also very deep. It is a word in ‘Sanskrit’, one of the oldest languages in the world. It’s essence is that we salute not only the person but also the divinity within him. I congratulate the people of Gujarat, and the people of other states living in Gujarat for such a grand ceremony.”

“I am happy that the friendship of India and America has deepened under President Trump’s leadership; as such this visit of President Trump is a new chapter in the India-America relationship. It is a chapter that will become the new document of progress and prosperity for the people of America and India. President Trump thinks big, and the world is well aware of what he has done to make the American Dream come true. Today we extend special greetings to the entire Trump family.”

He added, “Today every Indian, American, as well as the whole world wants to listen to President Trump from this platform. After his address, while extending to him my thanks, I will talk to you all a bit more.”

‘Confidence between India-America reached a new hight’

In closing remarks at ‘ Namaste Trump’ Event, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said “What you just said about India, you paid tributes to Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda and Sardar Patel, said about the strength, achievements and culture of the people of India. Said a lot about me too. I express my gratitude to you on behalf of every Indian for this. President Trump has not only increased the pride of India, but has also honored Indians living in America.”

He added “In the last few years, the confidence between India and America has reached a new height, which has been strengthened, it is historical. “In my visits to America, I have seen this belief grow stronger day by day.” PM said “I remember when I first met President Trump in Washington, he told me, “India has a true friend in the white house”. President Trump has always shown this special love towards India. As you mentioned when Diwali is celebrated in the white house, four million Indians living in America also take pride in being a companion of America’s prosperity and progress.”

He said “Today not only the world’s largest stadium is in India, but today India is also running the world’s largest health assurance scheme. Today, the world’s largest solar park has not only been built in India but today the world’s largest sanitation program is also going on in India.”

“Today, India is not only creating a world record for sending the most satellites simultaneously, today India is also creating a world record by doing the fastest financial inclusion. In the twenty-first century, whether we have an infrastructure or social sector, we are moving ahead with the global benchmark. In the recent past, India has not only abolished fifteen hundred old laws but has also made new laws to empower the society.”
“Transgender individuals should have rights, respect Muslim women by enacting a law against triple divorce, gave priority to divorced people, women have twenty-six weeks of paid maternity leave during pregnancy. We have ensured many such rights for different sections of society.”
He added, Indian talent and American technology have given new leadership to these areas. And I believe that in the twenty-first century, India and America together are capable of leading the digital age, industry 4.0.”

He said, “We started the beginning of strengthening Indo-American relations in the past and now we have started a separate phase with this visit. We are inspired by a long term vision, not just for short term consideration. Our bilateral relation will grow, our economic partnership will expand, our digital cooperation will grow, and I am confident that we are going to cross new heights, the dreams that India will take. It has been, the dreams that America is taking, we will together fulfill those dreams.”

Trump and Melania pay respects to Father of the Nation at Raj Ghat

The US President and the First Lady arrived at Raj Ghat after ceremonial reception by President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovind at the Rashtrapati Bhawan on 25 February, 2020. After their visit to the Raj Ghat, US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, in their note on the visitor’s book, said the American people stood strongly with a sovereign and wonderful India. The US President and the First Lady went to the Raj Ghat to pay their respects to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

India and Us finalise defence
deals worth $ 3 billion

During the President Trump’s visit, India and the United States on February 25,2020 finalized defence deals worth three billion dollars and signed three agreements, including in health and oil sectors. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on mental health between the health departments of the two countries. Another MoU on the safety of medical products was signed between the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization with the US Food and Drug Administration. A Letter of Cooperation was signed between Indian Oil Corporation Limited and Exxon Mobil India LNG Limited and Chart Industries Inc, US.