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Ignoring the global slowdown of economy foreign portfolio investors seem to have flocked to the Indian capital market in a big way in 2019 with a net inflow of over 1.3 lakh crore, including 97,250 crore in equities — the highest in last six years.
As the year draws to a close, the debt market has seen a net inflow of nearly 27,000 crore by FPIs, while a further amount of 9,000 crore found its way to the hybrid instruments, shows the capital market data compiled by depositories.

As of now, the foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) have made a net investment of 1.33 lakh crore (nearly $19 billion) in the Indian markets so far in 2019, while a few days of trading is yet to take place.

While FPIs have made gross purchases worth over 18 lakh crore so far this year, they have sold securities worth 16.7 lakh crore across equities, debt and hybrid instruments.

This is the second highest inflow in the last five years and follows a net outflow of close to 81,000 crore in 2018. In 2017, the net inflow into Indian capital markets had crossed 2 lakh crore after a net outflow of over 23,000 crore in 2006. The 2015 saw a net inflow of over 63,000 crore, while it was over 2.5 lakh crore in 2014.

For equities only, the year passing-by has already seen a net inflow of 97,250 crore — the highest in six years. While the year 2018 saw a net outflow of over 33,000 crore by FPIs in equities, there was a net inflow of 51,000 crore in 2017, of 20,500 crore in 2016, of 17,800 crore in 2015 and of 97,054 crore in 2014.