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Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah, who handed over the presidentship of the BJP to Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda, said that under his successor’s leadership the party will become stronger and expand further. “Today, Naddaji takes over as the 11th president of the BJP and will lead us. I congratulate him on behalf of all the BJP workers and from the bottom of my heart,” Shri Shah said at the felicitation function for Shri JP Nadda at BJP Headquarters in New Delhi.

“Naddaji has become our National President. We are ready to take the BJP to new heights under his leadership,” he added.

Shri Shah said, “I would’ve made mistakes during my tenure as national president but I say with pride that every party karyakartas, including PM Shri Modi, blessed me and helped me in my functioning”.

He also said that the BJP is the only Democratic Party in the country. “Other parties have lost their democratic character. They always choose party chief and chief ministerial candidate from among the family members. BJP is the only party which does not follow this. The BJP stands apart in India because it does not believe in casteism or nepotism,” Shri Shah said.

The Union Home Minister urged all the BJP workers to help their new party President in strengthening the BJP. “There are a few states where we are yet to attain electoral success and reach every booth. I call upon every worker to be ready to work under the leadership of PM Shri Modi Ji and Shri Nadda Ji and achieve more,” Shri Amit Shah said.

Shri Amit Shah also congratulated Shri JP Nadda for taking over the reins of the party.