‘Gift of good governance was given by BJP to Tripura’

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Union Home minister Shri Amit Shah on 06 February, 2023 said that the Bangladeshi infiltration into Tripura has had a severe impact on the proportion of population in tribal areas. Various political parties are using these infiltrators as vote banks but the BJP has taken a strong stand against the intrusion, he added.
Shri Amit Shah said TIPRA Motha had an invisible agreement with the Congress and the Left Front. Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarman’s party is a secret accomplice in building a political force against the BJP. He said voting for TIPRA Motha means supporting CPIM and Congress.

Addressing a grand ‘Vijay Sankalp Janasabha’ in Santirbazar under South Tripura district, Shri Shah said the CPIM, Congress and TIPRA Motha are together. As a result, the CPIM will form the government if either TIPRA Motha or the Congress is voted out. He claimed that BJP should be brought back to power to maintain the trend of development because only BJP is responsible to the people.

On this occasion, the Union Home Minister drew a comparison of five years of BJP-IPFT coalition government with 25 years of Left Front government. He said the BJP-led coalition government has done a lot for women. Peace has been established in Tripura under the leadership of the Prime Minister. However, CPIM rule in Tripura has led to terrorism, Bangladeshi infiltrators, human trafficking, drug trafficking and atrocities on the people. After the change of government in Tripura, the situation has changed dramatically because BJP has remained in power, he said.